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How does virtual vet visit service works?

  1. Complete appointment scheduling form. You can reschedule appointment later too by sending email/text.
  2. Complete payment of Indian Rupees INR 249. A default profile using email address provided will be created for you.
  3. MyFurries customer success team will contact you through text/phone call.
  4. Have a smartphone with video calling through Whatsapp/ Google Duo/Facetime ready.
  5. Online veteriniarian will ask you questions about pet health, ask photos,take a look at pet virtually
  6. After call ,you can get Online vet prescription details of your session on your dashboard.Login with with your provided email address -details sent out in given email address.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions You asked, we answered.

Doctor will examing pet over phone,ask vaccination status and then recommend lab tests. You can text/email lab reports to doctor and then get prescription. If no lab test are required, then vet will directly prescribe online prescription

One virtual vet visit per session at introductory price of INR 249/. For follow up, need to purchase another session

Currently we are supporting online vet for dogs,cats and rabbits. Large animal stock like cow,horses can be examined too.

You can get an online resolution to your pet’s issues by our experts veterinarian’s. The vet will understand the symptoms and condition of your pet by talking to you and looking at your pet. Share the details of your pet clearly like- Pet’s Age, breed, Weight , updated vaccination status , deworming status.

The vets associated with are experienced , studied at top Veterinary colleges Like Lala Lajpat Rai Agricultural University Hissar, IVRI. They are registered with Veterinary council of India are recruited after various levels of screening.

Vets be able to do a preliminary check-up for your pets. Advice you if it’s an emergency or need an in person examination at a clinic . He can prescribe immediate medicine or suggest the best possible treatment for your pet.

After consultation, the vet advice you on next course of action like tests required, if its an emergency , or prescribe medication with detailed instructions

Preferably Yes, if your pet is around, it would be easier for the doctor understands his issue better. The vet will like have a closer look at the pet and the areas that need attention If in any case, the pet is not around then his complete history with pictures, videos would be very helpful for vets to provide the correct treatment.

Yes, that will help a doctor to book a slot for you and will be able to devote proper time to respond to your query.

Any kind of pets, dogs , cats , rabbits , hamsters, calf , cow , goats and also street animals if they need any help.

For free you can ask questions in the Ask a vet section in writing but not over Video or audio calls. You can drop your query and the vet would respond back, if required he would suggest a video consultation or some further steps.

No, he cannot. He can answer your query and provide a prescription after examining your pet via video consultation.

No, no extra fees are charged for writing a prescription. All the charges are included in the Video consultation fees which is currently at an offer price of Rs. 249/- .

Prescription is for one time , the vet will update the prescription after evaluating the condition of your pet . Give medication to your pets only as prescribed and for the required duration Every time you consult any doctor for your pet.

Yes, the vet will prescribe as per the required treatment of your pet

The prescriptions are saved in your account , however do not use the same prescription for your pet , even if the symptoms looks similar . Always consult a Vet before giving medication to your pets