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Myfurries is an online service connecting pet owners with vets at click of a button. Ask any pet related question and get an answer soon from panel of vets with 30+ collective years across India.
Service is  free while product is in beta stage - register now to get grandfathered in !

What kinds of questions can be asked?
Anything really - some of questions users have asked on myfurries and responded by vet are

  • How do I treat bronzing in my dalmatian?
  • My dog is having skin issues - red rashes, hair fall , how do I treat it?
  • How do I get plane or train ticket for dog?
  • How do I control weight of my dog?
  • My dog suddenly stopped eating - should I be concerned?
  • My dog is vomiting yellow foam - what should I do?
  • What is vaccination schedule of Dog 7 in 1 vaccine ?

How does Ask a vet works?

  1. Create a user profile with your pet details on myfurries.com/askvetfree, post your question
  2. Attach any relevant picture , share as much details of your pet as possible
  3. Once question is answered - you will get an email and text notification on registered phone number that response is posted
  4. Login to myfurries.com with registered email address and password , go to your dashboard.
  5. Go to questions list , find your question and select view answer
  6. You can answer follow ups question too. Three free follow ups are allowed
  7. You can attach a photo for your subsequent question too
  8. Ask a vet is available 24/7 7 days a week - ask any time and a vet will attend to your query immediately!

Frequently Asked Questions on Ask a Vet FREE

All our vets hold a veterinary degree recognized by the Veteriananry Council of Inida (VCI) are licensed to practice in the India and have a minimum of 5 years clinical experience.