Having grown up with dogs as pets, I am an enthusiastic animal lover. I wasn’t the pets primary caregiver till I got married and moved into our own place. We were both working young adults living
independently, and even though I wanted a fur baby I did not think we could do justice to owning a dog, with both of us away from the house all day.

Observing pet parents walking their dogs despite the heat or rain, I would console myself thinking that I was glad I did not bear the additional responsibility. I never considered adopting a cat until a friend with a tomcat back home told me that cats are so much more convenient as pets. For a long time I asked many questions about what entails being a cat parent, and my friend would tell me all about how cats sleep for hours and don’t need to be taken for walks. Also, hey, cats groom themselves and don’t need to be bathed often! Stories of how cats love to play and are so much fun, including that they’re absolutely okay without their human parents around for a majority of the day triggered my love for animals.

I was in two minds; I had no prior experience with a cat and to top it off my husband wasn’t particularly keen on a felis catus. Then, a combination of some very pesky pigeons regularly visiting the balcony and a small tiny homeless kitten at the same time made me decide to finally take the plunge and adopt my very first feline.

After bringing “Pepper” home in May 2009, I soon learned that all vets aren’t trained to treat cats and there aren’t many cat specialists readily available in Delhi/NCR. Thankfully I found @Dr. Rana in Neeti Bagh, and he greatly guided me on how to love and look after my new fur baby.

Today, after thirteen years with my pawsome fur baby, Pepper, I can say yes, cats as pets are easier than dogs, especially when residing in a city like Delhi where the weather is mostly horrid, so going for walks isn’t always pleasurable due to the heat, dust, rubbish, strays, noise, traffic concerns, and more. Regardless, trust a feline meister, cats are no less demanding of your attention and time. Instead of taking the pet out to walk I now run a minimum of twice a day to clean the litter box.

I adore Pepper not because she’s a cat but because she’s a tiny fur ball that depends wholly on me, even though at times she’d like me to believe she doesn’t need me. Yes, cats are moody and won’t come running every time you call their name, but when they give you that head butt and meow for your attention you feel on top of the world. They also purr and knead tiny biscuits on you to let you know you are their special person. They might want to bite the biscuits they knead too, but it’s all in love.

Living with a cat is just as awesome as living with a dog. Only different.

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