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Frequently Asked Questions on Online Vet Consultation

MyFurries proprietary messaging platform lets you , a concerned pet parent start question and answer session with multiple follow-ups with a vet . One can attach images , videos to their question and entire messaging session is preserved in the system and one can refer to vet prescription anytime by logging into MyFurries dashboard and clicking on question status. Since this service is free now , we haven't been able to introduce realtime chat session with vet as understandably they are busy in their existing practice taking care of furry friends so can not come online . Messaging is delibrately asynchronous to let our panel of vets handle question as soon as they have time available.

Online vet consultation in India is relatively new field- just came up during pandemic. Using MyFurries you can be assured that your pet queries are answered by panel of India's best veterniarians who have hands on experience treating and looking after pet animals.

MyFurries is run by motivated panel of veterniarians whose main aim is increasing pet health awareness among first time pet owners . Pets are not little adults and require specialised care from vets. Unfortunately , not many realise this and not willing to spend money or time or do that only when it's too late.MyFurries aim is build this awareness , and during this phase we are encouraging petowners to use this FREE service to allay their fears.Future - there will be a real time chat option , video call where you can book a slot with the vet within app itself and that will be understably paid

Our panel vets are licensed to operate only in India however we do give general advice with disclaimers to pet parents around the world .

Sure that is possible but that takes time , you are not sure of the response if it's indeed from licensed medical professional and there is no commitment from question responder side.MyFurries is founded by , leadership team who has 20 years experience running India's premier internet services in most ethical and transparent manner. We take pet parents very seriously and as a pet parent ourselves onboarded only those vets who credentials are impeccable and vetted by us. Proprietary messaging system guarantees that as soon as your query is posted - it is sent on central dashboard where it is routed to available vet automatically and assigned vet gets an alert as their email as well as text message .

Unfortunately that takes time and effort to develop . We are currently working on both versions and by end of Q2 should see native apps for both platforms. Meanwhile pet parents can continue to use web app to do online vet consultations

Want to seek 24/7 pet-care ? Look no further and seek advice from licensed veterinarians here at on click of a button or if you already have an account with my furries then post at

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Becoming pet parent is very rewarding journey but just as babies don’t come with manuals so don’t even pet dogs and cats. Each pet is unique and for their wellness needs it is important to have access to 24/7 veterinary service. Even before getting a pet , one might have such questions

  • Once a type of pet , age and breed is decided , next important step is how to take care of your furry baby - what is feeding schedule, how should you make a young pup comfortable, weather appropriate bedding , type and frequency of food, toys - no question is immaterial so feel free to reach out to ask a vet service to give best care to fur baby.
  • Next- vaccinations - some vaccines are mandatory for all dogs, few optional depending on breed , so a vet is best bet to get advice. Even though breeder or a friend would have shared their recommendations, it is always a good idea to get list from vet directly instead of searching on own.
  • Food - high protein or low protein ? what types of carbohydrates? Dogs and Cats digestive systems is not replica of human systems so what you eat might not be best thing for your pet . Ask vet to find out best diet for your puppy or kitten at the beginning of your adoption journey itself.
  • Stimulation for pets - which type of play is best suitable for your pet ? Some thrive on energetic play and some are content with chewy toys -all depends on breed’s temperament- you can ask vet to find best social environment for your dog -vet can also answer as simple as maybe your pet is playing too much and tires out easily or vice versa !
  • Finally - actual sickness - heaven forbid , if your pet is feeling out of order, not behaving her happy herself that’s absolutely the time to ask a vet for medical advice. As a pet parent , you know best your furry friend , so if anything is amiss - your pet not getting up on usual time, not looking forward to walks or playtime , it is time to ask a vet and don’t worry if its’ nothing. Vets are always super happy to tell that there is no ailment, your pet is just of sorts or going through bad eating choice bout.

Rather than searching internet or relying on second hand information related to pets , always ask a vet for any query .
Become the best pet parent you aspire to be and give best care , love and attention to your furry buddy. has partnered with best team of veterinarians to answer questions 24/7 days a week,below is their profile.

  • Dr. Vinay Chhabra
    • Over 25 years of experience in small animal care, worked with Delhi Zoo, SPCA, And Haryana Government as Veterinary Surgeon,currently own pet clinic in South Delhi
    • Veteran Veterinary Surgeon with expertise in pet dog and cat animal care
    • Bachelors of Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandry , Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences,Hissar, Haryana,India
  • Dr.Akshay Tikoo
    • Post Graduate Scholar in Veterinary Surgery & Radiology
    • Expertise in physiotherapic rehabilitation in animals suffering from various degrees of paresis.
    • Masters of Veterinary Sciences (Veterinary Surgery and Radiology),Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Hissar, Haryana,India
    • Bachelors of Veterinary Sciences - Guru Angad Dev Veterinary & Animal Sciences University,Ludhiana,Punjab,India


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