When Do Female Puppies Mature

When Do Female Puppies Mature?

The article informs about the age when female puppies mature. Notice the signs when your female puppies start maturing. The pet parents must take special care of their female puppies when they mature and start breeding. 

Dog owners must know about the time of maturity in dogs. The rate of maturation in female dogs is around 6 months of age. Some dogs mature after 1 year and others may take two years to mature.  Maturity makes dogs behave differently from each other. The chief problem that dog owners face is the real age of maturity in dogs. Sometimes you might realize that your female dog has matured and starts breeding although the maturity in dogs is not always sexually. However, a responsible dog owner must know how a dog matures and prevent unwanted breeding from keeping puppies healthy.

Age of maturity
The reproductive maturity in female dogs is said to be between 6 and 9 months of age.The age of maturity in female dogs varies from breed to breed and from dog to dog. The age of maturity is breed-specific and is generally reached by female dogs between 6 and 10 months of age. The age of maturity in female dogs is genetically programmed at birth but environmental influences, such as nutrition, can speed up or slow down the development process. The age of maturity is not the same for all female dogs. Female dogs mature faster than their male counterparts.

Types of maturity
There are three types of maturity found in dogs. These are physical maturity, sexual maturity, and mental maturity. Knowing all these kinds of maturity helps the pet owner classify their dogs as a grown-up. Dogs are also classified based on their sizes in five categories – toy, small, medium, large, and giant. The dog’s size determines the age at which the dog will stop growing. 

Signs of sexual maturity in female dogs
Female dogs experience their heat cycles and shift their mood and behavior. Some dogs have symptoms like frequent urination and lack of concentration with more anxiousness. They might also experience irritability or swelling outside their genitals. Dogs also try to balance their body according to various mating positions.

Identifying reproductive season of female dogs
It is believed that female dogs have a bi-annual season of coming in heat. They frequently lick and clean their genitals. Excessive coat shedding begins in dogs before 4 to 6 weeks of heat. However, this might not be easy to identify. 

Frequent urination with vaginitis, a yellow discharge in the dogs, needs to be examined from time to time. The pet also behaves abnormally with anxiety, aggression, or immaturity. Your canine also feels insecure with every kind of activity that goes around him.

Prevalent Roaming Behavior
After getting sexually mature, female dogs become restless. They can be fertile for as long as 2 to 3 weeks during that month. At this time, they feel like going out of the house to find their mate. Their desire to go on a quest to find mating partners is called roaming. 


  • Spaying is the process of getting the reproductive organs of a female dog removed. The first and most obvious benefit is that your pet will no longer be able to reproduce. This procedure will prevent the dog from going into heat and will reduce the risk of unwanted puppies. It is also important to spay your dog to prevent aggression and unwanted illness. It is important to have your dog spayed at a young age as it will prevent unwanted pregnancies and severe illness  as your puppy grows older

Puppy training
Note that your adolescent dog also needs physical and mental exercise to learn patience and prevent behaviors that develop at that age. This reinforcement will help him discourage behaviors that you don’t want in your pup as dog owners. It also checks the overall health of your canine. Mental stimulation must also be a part of female dog training to control your hormones.

Breeding of your female dog should be done with planning and research. Remember, healthy puppies are an asset to the dog fraternity. 

General health
Proper diet and health are also very important points in determining the sexual maturity of the dog. Silliness and excitement must be controlled to channelize the sexual instincts and desire in your female dog.

Female puppies mature sexually at around six to eight months of age. At this point, they are ready to have a mate and will begin to solicit affection from them. If you have a female in heat, you can tell when she is ready to mate by her changes in behavior. You will not know when a female is going to go into heat cycle. That is why you need to be prepared and make sure that she has a safe place with access to water and food. Be sure to provide her with a safe environment with limited exposure from other canines or at least make sure that she has the ability to stay away from them as much as possible. In addition, take her for regular vet visits and grooming sessions as well as providing necessary vaccinations.

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