How To Recognize And Treat Red Mange in Dogs

How To Recognize And Treat Red Mange in Dogs

In this article, you can find out the reasons, symptoms, and treatments for Demodicosis, a skin condition in dogs caused due to an excessive number of mites.

Dog skin is more prone to mites. Mites can inhabit their skin and cause a lot of discomfort. Moreover, if the number of mites on the skin increases, it leads to severe skin complications. Red mange, also known as Dermodicosis, is an inflammatory condition that arises due to mite bite. It usually happens in stray dogs or in pets that don’t get proper grooming and care. Let’s dive deeper and understand everything about Red Mange, its root causes, symptoms, and cure. 

What is Mange?

Mange, derived from the French language, is a skin disorder caused by mites. These mites are diminutive and not even visible to the naked eye. Different kinds of mites can cause this skin issue. Moreover, it is not only confined to the dogs. However, in dogs, there are two kinds of mange, namely: 

  • Sarcoptic Mange
  • Demodectic Mange 

What is demodicosis?

A mite named Demodex Canis causes this skin condition and generally gets transferred from mothers to their pups. These are inhabited deep in the hair follicles and are usually harmless unless they grow in number. In dogs with a weak immune system, it increases substantially and causes complications. 

Symptoms of Demodicosis

This disease can be localized, meaning it is only present at a specific part. Or it can spread across the entire body. In case it is localized, you can see the following symptoms:

  • Patches or pattern baldness on the specific area
  • Itching or redness on the affected area

However, if it gets spread to the entire body, the symptoms get severe. You will notice:

  • Swelling and formation of crusts on the entire body
  • Scaling and red patches with extreme hair loss
  • Unpleasant odour from your dog’s body
  • Sensitive to touch
  • Your dog’s behaviour may also change towards a sad and irritating side.
If you see these symptoms in your dog, do not wait a second before visiting the specialist at My Furries. 

Causes of Demodicosis

These are inherited to the puppies from their mothers during the initial days of their birth. In most cases, it comes in dogs with physical contact. This is because they live deep inside the fur, and the canine immune system keeps the number in check. So if the number is under control, they are harmless. But the real problem arises if it increases. 

It happens mostly in weak dogs that don’t have a stronger immunity to fight these eight-legged microscopic creatures. So experts advise that dogs with a history of demodicosis shouldn’t be bred to avoid the spread of the disease. 

Another reason for this skin condition is when the dog is not groomed or taken care of well. Usually, the street dogs, or the ones abused, get this uncontrolled situation, where they need to see the vets. 

Cure for Demodicosis

There are different ways to treat this situation, depending upon the severity of the disease. It is prudent to visit a vet as getting treatment without expert opinion is not advisable. You can get in touch with My Furries to consult a vet and to get various grooming services for your dog. Following are the basic cures to help get rid of the excessive mites:

Chop the Hair

The first thing is to clip the hair of your pet. For this, you need to get in touch with expert groomers at a quality salon, like My furries. Never try to use human clippers as it increases the chances of injury.

Cleaning or Healing

Cleaning here doesn’t refer to bathing your dog. It is more like a therapy to heal the skin. Dipping baths using medicated shampoos given every week helps a lot. An expert dog groomer at a trusted salon can suggest the best shampoos and have hands-on knowledge of how it should be done. These baths help heal the skin inflammation and calm the irritation on the skin. It treats the condition in more than 90% of the cases. However, if the situation is worst, you might need to put your pet on medications. 


Your vet will suggest some medication for both oral and topical consumption. It can continue from a few weeks to a month or two until the situation gets under control. One of the recommended medications, ivermectin, is what most vets prescribe. However, it is mandatory to see a vet as these are highly toxic medicines, and one should only take them under expert guidance.  

Even when the situation seems under control, make sure you take your dog for follow-ups. In addition to that, book regular grooming sessions for your pet. Understand that it is more of a necessity from a health point of view. Furthermore, it has to be from a good salon ensuring safety, hygiene, and expert handling. Do your research, explore all the options, and choose the best vet and grooming salon for your pet. 

For more pet related information, care guide, and expert tips, follow My Furries. 

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