Tips To Over Come Allergies In Dogs

Tips To Over Come Allergies In Dogs

Dogs can suffer from allergies very much like their human friends. When your dog itches himself all day, it is never a pleasant sight. Not many know that allergies can be so severe in dogs that it is also one of the prime reasons for their being euthanized regularly.

Allergy is defined as an abnormal reaction of our body’s immune cells towards the different substances it encounters daily in the environment.

When your dog is suffering from allergies, every home fumbles to find the right cure for them, to address this issue, we bring you here some tips and tricks that can immensely benefit your dog’s allergies, in the best possible ways.

Tricks to save your dog from an itchy skin

Windy Furries is continuously trying to bring out the best for your furry buddies. Itchy skin needs a simple, effective, and skin-friendly cure at the end of the day. Some of the simple remedies available in nature are as given below,

  1. 4.Marine or Fish oil capsules

Mostly, those dogs that lack fish protein in their meals require regular compensation with fish oil capsules.

Omega 3- fatty acids found in the fish oil capsules can prevent your dogs’ inflammatory responses’ unwanted aggravation, thus benefiting them hugely.

  1. Adequate nutrition

Adequate nutrition is the simplest way to a healthy skin not just for your canine friends but also for you. When feeding your dog, try to find out what works best for them. In this case, an excellent nutritious meal can balance a lot in your dog’s body.

  1. Give them a bubbly bath frequently!

A bubbly bath is also the best and simplest medicine for your dog’s skin. Bacterial and fungal diseases often can go a long way in wrongly regulating the body’s inflammatory pathway.

Thus, a regular frothy bath can clean and remove the dander from your dog’s fur, thus preventing infections from setting in.

  1. Comb their skin daily

Remove daily dander by briskly combing your dog’s hair. It works excellently on their skin since it massages it well, increasing the blood flow to the skin, which is instrumental in keeping it healthy. Eliminating the dead skin from the surface also prevents the growth of bacterias and fungus.

  1. Turn off unwanted vaccinations and frequent use of medicines

Your dog is capable of healing their body faster than you can imagine. Therefore, choosing a 3-year immunization over a one-year interval is a far better way to manage vaccinations for your furry companions. Too many medicines are also not suitable for your furry friends, so avoid them as much as possible.

  1. Try beta-glucans in a dog’s diet

Beta-glucans in a dog’s diet can make their life so very itch-free. If you are right now wondering what it is, well, it is a fibre found in many types of foods like seaweeds, algae, some cereals, and yeast.

Beta-glucans can enhance immune responses (through activation of macrophages- a specific immune cell type) during allergies by strengthening the cells’ immune system.

  1. Quercetins can help!

A phytonutrient is found in many different fruits and vegetables. They have anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antioxidant properties. Quercetin is known to be nature’s Benadryl.

Foods like broccoli and apples have plenty of it, but then you cannot force your dog to eat broccoli or apples, so how can you try quercetins on them then? Supplements, of course!

Quercetin works best on dogs with an empty stomach. The usual recommended dose is 8 mg, and it depends on your dog’s weight definitively. So check for the quercetin dose with a vet before you begin.

  1. Nettle is a wonderful medicine for dog’s allergies

Nettle contains antihistamines and also quercetin which helps protect the body from inflammations. You can prepare nettle tea and use two drops per 10 pounds of your dog’s body weight to keep allergies at bay.

You can also apply cooled nettle tea on your dog’s itchy skin to improve the condition of your dog’s skin.

  1. Baking soda’s magic recipes

If said, “baking soda is an everyday medicine” it won’t be wrong. It is one of the best handy kitchen ingredients available around us. Try the following recipes on your dog, and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Prepare a paste of baking soda in water
  2. Make a baking soda spray in water

Spray it or apply it over the most affected part of your pet’s skin.

All that can be said in the Windy Furries end is that if you follow these few tips and tricks, it can surely maintain your dog’s skin health in the best possible way.

If you care for your pet, make sure you protect them from allergic eruptions through daily and regular care of their fur, skin, and eating habits.

The best gift for your dog’s health could be keeping them at bay from allergies. Their health and fitness depends a lot on their immunity, and remember allergies can play with their immunity like no other. Keep connected with us while subscribing to MyFurries for your dog’s skin-related issues. 

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