How many dogs can be kept in a house in India

How Many Dogs Can Be Kept In A House In India?

India has witnessed an instant increase in the love and adoration for pets among its citizens. The culture of owning pets, especially dogs, has become a trend nowadays. This can be attributed to the companionship nature of dogs that people find heartwarming and adorable. To allow people to own dogs legally, India’s constitution permits citizens to own pets and choose any pet of their choice to live within Article 51(g). 

However, we have people of different perspectives living in society. Just as there are dog lovers there are people who dislike dogs and do not support keeping them at home. To maintain an equilibrium between different groups of people and safeguarding animals’ interests, the Indian government has laid specific rules about owning dogs and guidelines for protecting animals. 

If you dream of owning a dog soon, you must be aware of the various rules you must follow and your rights granted by the Indian Constitution. 

What are dog rules about? 

All these years, the government of various cities had not implemented rules to regulate keeping pets. However, with rising cases of people owning pets and increasing complaints of others, municipal bodies of metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Chandigarh, Karnataka, and Bengaluru have rules that must be strictly followed. 

Different cities have implemented different rules to limit the number of dogs that an individual can own. This has been done to lessen rising complaints of people who dislike animals. Dogs are aggressive and feral by nature. Hence, if you own a dog, you need to be vigilant and ensure that your neighbours do not face difficulties. 

As the court says, too many dogs in one house will mostly produce unnecessary noise and other disturbances that might be harmful, considering the community’s interests as a whole. 

Sections of dog rule in India 

As per the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act’s provisions passed in 1976, people aren’t allowed to keep animals or birds or feed them without prior permission from the government. The law also lays down rules on how licensing of pets is to be done. 

In Bengaluru, BBMP has also restricted the number of dogs one can own. If you are a flat owner, you can keep only one dog in your home. If you own an independent house, you can keep up to three dogs at your place. Typically, this rule applies to adult dogs. It doesn’t count puppies that are less than eight weeks to four months. 

You also have to renew your ownership license every year. The law also requires you to put a microchip in your pet’s body as and when directed by the municipal body. Make sure your dog wears a badge displaying license information on it. 

Things that every dog owner should know 

Owning pets comes with specific responsibilities that the law requires every pet owner to follow. If you are at the initial stage, you surely need to go through what’s mentioned below. 

  • ‘Scoop the poop.’

Being a dog owner, it’s your responsibility to clean every time your dog poops in a public place. It would be best if you also dumped it in a designated area. However, if you neglect this responsibility, you are liable to pay Rs—100 for the first time. The amount keeps on increasing with every subsequent time you commit this offence. 

  • Dogs straying around may be captured.

If your pet dog is found to be wandering in public, without your scrutiny, you are liable to pay more than Rs. 2000 to the concerned municipal body. If the government wishes, you can also be jailed for violating the rule for up to a term of five years. Before adopting a dog, you have to sterilise and vaccinate it. Proper vaccination from time to time is a necessity both for the dog and for the community. 

As per the clause of the Article, if your dog is found straying around in the streets in your absence, it will be captured and detained. If you wish to redeem your pet, you have to pay a minimal fee of Rs. 1( if it’s licensed) and Rs. 2 ( if you don’t own a license) to the municipal body. 

If your dog is not vaccinated correctly and shows rabies symptoms, it will be immediately captured and killed. 

If you are a dog owner, it’s compulsory to make an identification mark on your pet as directed by the Animal Birth Control Programme. 

  • Penalty for violation

If you are found to roam around with your dog without a license, a sum of Rs. 1000 will be imposed, and it will continue to increase with every breach of law. Prolonged violation of the said law might land you up in jail. 

Are you becoming a dog owner for the first time? Sure it’s intimidating and overwhelming, but it’s worth it at the same time. There are several things you must remember. For instance, make sure to provide enough exercise for your new pet. If you do not devote enough time to your pet, make sure not to keep high energy dog breeds at home. Also, feed them with high-quality foods that suit its body requirements and necessary ingredients. 

We hope the following guidelines and tips have been useful to you. Circulate it among your friends and family and spread more consciousness. To know more about dogs and related facts, subscribe to our blog My Furries for more information. 

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