Tips For New Dog Owners

6 Must-Know Tips For New Dog Owners

So you finally decided to get a puppy. A hearty congratulation is in order but, taking care of a pup is no joke, and it does involve a lot of effort from your side. But it’s not as scary as it sounds, don’t worry. If you’re not sure about the preparedness, our pup-care team at My Furries have got you covered.

1. DO YOUR HOMEWORK: The importance of researching really cannot be stressed enough. A dog is a long-time commitment, and you need to be mentally prepared. Your dog is going to be a member of the family now.

Think about the environment that your dog will come home to. As an adult, you wouldn’t want to stay in a stuffy, small room for children. Your dog works the same way. Don’t force a larger breed of dog to stay in a cramped apartment, please be considerate!

If you want to save a life, you can adopt from the shelter. Consider getting an older dog, if you’re not ready for the boisterousness of a puppy.

If you’re opting for a purebred, contact a vet to ensure that you get one from a reputed breeder and not a cruel puppy mill.

2. PREPARE YOUR HOME: Block off forbidden areas. Make sure that your dog doesn’t just wander off to eat a toxic houseplant, only to empty the contents of its stomach onto the carpeted floor.

Create a safe, private area for your dog to retreat to and if you have toddlers, teach them not to hurt the pooch. No pulling tails or pinching skin, as your dog will react exactly how you’d expect to respond. Aggressively.

Ensure that your loved one has sufficient space to move around and not stuff it into a tiny cage or bathroom. Do not ill-treat your dog even for convenience’s sake. It is also advisable to have someone trustworthy to take care of your dog on the unavailable days.

3. ACQUIRE DOG SUPPLIES: Your dog requires particular necessities and to be frank, it can be quite challenging to figure out what is needed precisely. Navigating through all the inventory of dog beds, leashes, shampoos, etc., can be overwhelming.

Luckily, there are several websites with resources that can provide concise lists of what exactly your dog needs. Don’t be stingy, but no one wants a spoilt dog either.

4. BEFRIEND YOUR VET:On the day you get your dog, take it to the vet for all the necessary vaccinations and procedures, such as microchipping and neutering.

Remember to clear up any confusion. Your vet is there to help, and we promise you, they will not judge, even when you ask stupid questions. It’s the first time getting a dog, and they know that you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Follow up on things like nutrition, exercise, physical care, etc., and keep talking to your vet in the coming years it will do both you and your dog a world of good.

5. DON’T SPOIL YOUR DOG: Establish boundaries within your home and house train your puppy. Your puppy knows that it is incredibly adorable, and it will be challenging to say no, but trust us; you have to resist the cuteness. A spoilt pup can grow up to be a belligerent dog, and no one should have to deal with those kinds of nightmarish hellhounds.

We know that you want to teach your puppy some cool new tricks, like rolling over or shaking its paw. But you have to be realistic, your puppy at ten weeks of age will still be struggling to control its defecation, so remember to manage expectations.

Start with teaching it its name, and then move on to the three life-saving commands; sit, stay and heel.

6. PRACTISE PATIENCE: For the first few weeks, it’s going to be frustrating. You’ll repeatedly question your worth as a dog parent as well as your decision to get a dog.

All these new importunate responsibilities might trigger a temper. Absolutely under no circumstances, should you let your dog witness your exasperation. You are its caregiver, and you do not want your dog to fear you.

The loyalty of a dog is incomparable and priceless. There is no feeling in the world that can even compare to the one of coming home after a long, uninteresting day of work and unwinding with your dog. When you finally bond with your puppy, the monotony of everyday life will dissipate, and you will become a happier person.

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