7 Things To Welcome Your Feline Friend Home

7 Things To Welcome Your Feline Friend Home

The life of a pet parent can be pretty exciting. Especially when bringing a pet home. Imagine an adorable cat, fluffy and cute with its tiny paws walking around. It sure is a joy just to imagine. This day will come true, but remember, it might take some time and more effort from you. With MyFurries you cut your anxiety loose. Being prepared is now easy with this MyFurries essential checklist.
1. Cat Carrier:
When you decide to bring home a new cat, your first step should be getting yourself a cat carrier. Even before the move starts, the carrier might come in handy to introduce a safe confined space for the cat to get familiar with.

It shouldn’t be too small, nor should it be too big. Just the right size considering your cat. Cosy and comfortable, that’s how you want your cat to be, right? If you feel too excited you might even decorate it with fluffy things and make it warm and soft. Establishing this sense of familiarity is a very important step in making the transition easier for your pet.

2. Litter box:
The next thing to check off your list is the litter box. Remember, it might be just the most important thing your cat will need in its new home. The first rule is buying a litter box. Always buy big. Large litter boxes will be comfortable for the cats with great space to turn around and dig. Nobody likes a congested potty, right? Pro-tip: Always start with a simple one, you might consider fancier ones after the transition.

Speaking of litter boxes, have you written down litter yet? If not, now might be a great time. And do you want to know a secret? Using the same time of litter, the cat is used to, will go a long way in making the transition smooth.

3. Beds:
Who doesn’t love a good sleep? Cats sure do! It is important to have a consistent bed place and setting as it creates a habit. Or else before you know, your cat might get too comfortable with the furniture. Though it’s perfectly fine, having a dedicated bed space is one of the essential things. Did you know? Cats love to curl. A fluffy comfortable bed might just do the trick.

4. Food & Dishes:
Before we discuss food, we must say that you should bring your cat to a vet at least once before introducing her new palace. This will help determine your cat’s diet. Also initially try to use the same type of food your cat is used to. With this goes the dishes to feed your cat a tummyfull

5.  Identification:
We know you love your cat too much to be separated. To avoid such terrifying accidents we suggest you get ready with a name tag.

  • Name of the pet:
  • Your Contact info:
  • Address:

If you are willing to go one more step, a micro tracking chip would be the way.

Grooming essentials:
Wh a cute pet, comes the grooming responsibilities.

  • Scrub brush and Sponge
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste for cats
  • Nail cutters
  • Comb
 Get your supplies ready!
Love for toys never ends. And cats are no exceptions to it. Watching them get excited playing with their toys is pure bliss, especially with catnip.

What’s the hold-up? The checklist is done. Now all you gotta do is check things off the list and welcome your new friend home. If you want to know what and what not to do after your feline friend comes over, check out the MyFurries Blog.

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