Give Bath To A Puppy For The First Time

Give Bath To A Puppy For The First Time

Puppies can accidentally or naturally become dirty or unhygienic, and pet parents need to keep them clean. We have provided the instructions to give your puppy their first bath in this account, including the dos and don’ts.

Puppies are innocent and adorable, but mostly, they create messy situations as they still do not know how to clean themselves. In such events, it becomes essential for them to stay clean to avoid any unwanted infections.
Your puppies are entirely dependent on you for maintaining their hygiene. So, you should know all details regarding the correct time for giving them their first bath and how to clean them. In this article, we have mentioned some guidelines to follow for bathing your puppy for the first time.

Which Is the Best Time for the First Bath?
Before we proceed with the bathing procedure in detail, you should know when to give your puppy their first bath after bringing them home. Some vets suggest that a puppy can bathe as early as when they are six weeks old. However, we recommend that you give them the first bath when they have completed their first three months.
Introducing your puppy to water too early can result in serious hazards such as water inhalation. Water can accidentally enter their lungs, which is a circumstance you will never want to encounter. Thus, it is better till your puppy reaches the age of two months before you bathe them for the first time.
Notwithstanding, you should not delay your puppy’s first bath for any reason, including your anxiety to handle the process. The probability of your puppy bumping into his faeces or lots of mud are very high. Your puppy may also develop ticks on his entire coat. Thus, you should ensure that they are free from parasites and filth. Bathing them for the first time will also make them look and smell clean.
What to do Before Bathing Your Puppy?
Before starting with the bath-time, you should arrange and check the below things.

  • Keep all the required items handy, like towels, toiletries, etc., to avoid the last-minute rush. It would be best to keep some treats for your dogs, ready to appreciate his cooperation.
  • Make your puppy slowly used to all the new things he will experience for the first time, such as hair dryer noise, water splashes, etc.
  • As it is the first time for your puppy, you should expect him to resist the bath. Thus, for safety, use a bath container to put him in.
  • Brush your puppy’s coat thoroughly to clear all the tangles in his hair. You should simultaneously check for any underlying infections or wounds that need to be healed first. Brushing their fur also helps get rid of the dead hair that can otherwise block your washroom’s drainage system.

 How to Bathe Your Puppy for the First Time?
Now that you know the prerequisite steps, you can go ahead with bathing your puppy, as mentioned below.

  • Fill the bathing container or sink with lukewarm water to a minimum level. Always check the water by your touch before putting your puppy in it. After your puppy is comfortable in the container or basin, fill it further to his knees. Do not cover your puppy too much in the water as it may cause accidents.
  • Wet your puppy’s fur completely with water. It would help to do this thoroughly using a small mug or a shower sprayer with a low-speed jet. However, be careful not to spray water into his eyes, ears, or mouth.
  • Apply shampoo throughout your puppy’s coat. The amount of shampoo should be as per the instructions on the bottle. Again, be cautious when you are near his eyes, ears, nose, and sensitive areas. It would help if you always used shampoos meant for dogs and never experiment using other products.
  • Massage gently all over your puppy’s body. A good amount of foam should satisfy you regarding the cleaning process. Also, your puppy will enjoy the scrubbing.
  • Rinse away the lather by spraying clean water. You should ensure that no remnant of the shampoo is left on your puppy’s body, as it may cause irritation or rashes.
  • After the bath, your puppy will naturally shake himself, which shall dry him partially. Then, you need to wrap him in a dry and clean towel to wipe out most water. Now, use a dryer and carefully hold it at a distance to dry your puppy completely.
  • Brush your puppy’s coat once it is dry. You can apply post-bath conditioners to make their fur smoother and softer, as applying shampoo results in loss of the essential oils from their hair.
  • Finally, you should appreciate your little puppy with lots of love and treats for cooperating with you.

The above tips will help you give your puppy their first bath. Of course, you should take the help of an expert or friend if you are nervous in the process, but you must remember that bathing at the correct time is vital for your puppy to stay clean, hygienic, and happy.

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