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How To Help Poor Stray Dogs This Winter Against Cold

Sad but true, winter is a taxing time for our four-legged friends who stay on the streets. Years ago, when they were in jungles, they had adequate protection for the cold. They could remain in caves, tree trunks, and burrows to keep themselves warm.

With urbanization, their natural habitat is gone, and all they have are cold pavements and roads to sleep.  As the night progresses, the dew falls on them making their coats wet.

It is difficult for them to keep warm, and many don’t survive the cold .
As a community and fellow citizens of earth, it is our responsibility to fend for those who cannot care for themselves. All it takes is one thought and lots of compassion. 
Here are a few things we can do at the onset of winters for our furry streeties is so that they can stay warm during the long cold nights 

  1. Feed them: Dogs and cats burn a lot of energy to keep their temperatures regulated and stay warm, which means they need to have a full stomach.  One should feed them in the evenings, one complete balanced meal which should have proteins in the form of an egg, soybean, peas, mixed with rice or dailiya, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, and little meat if possible. You can add fresh curd also the meal
  2. Make a makeshift shelter: Street animals need to be protected from the falling dew in the night and cold air, so you can put cardboard boxes, fruit cases, or used drums open from one side as a demi roof over their heads. Each colony or society has surplus bricks and asbestos sheets or used fiber sheets; one can make small huts at corners of the colonies /communities for these animals to find shelter in the night.

Bedding or Mats: Make warm bedding or mats for them from used blankets, discarded jackets, sweaters and bedsheets at home. one single used blanket can become a nice cozy bed for two medium-sized animals on the street. You can get large jute bags ( bori’s) , fill them with discarded clothes, cushions, seal them from the top, and voila, you have a nice and warm bed ready for them.

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