How To Raise Obedient And Well Behaved Cats

How To Raise Obedient And Well Behaved Cats

Kittens are not at all like puppies. But this doesn’t mean they can’t get trained. Cats are one of the most intelligent beings and have a perfect blend of mischief and sophistication in their nature. Training a kitten is similar to raising a child, and as they say, training them when they are young to turn them into independent and obedient adults.

With the right kind of training and lots of love and care, kittens can adapt to your family. If you are a new cat parent and looking for ways to train your baby cat, here are the tried and tested tips to help you in the process.

Tips for training the kittens well

Start with basic commands.

Start slow and begin with basic commands. First things first, train them to respond to their name. Always call them with their name and try to use it more often to help them register. Furthermore, use the regular sit and stop commands to teach them to listen to you. Ensure to praise them when they obey you with a ‘good job’ or another rewarding statement.

Socializing Practices

In the initial 2 to 7 weeks, they need to spend some time with fellow kittens. You can invite fellow cat parents home, or you can opt for cat boarding services providers to let your kitten meet other cats. It helps in better growth and makes sure that these babies don’t get scared or nervous if put in proximity to other pets.

Appropriate scratching

Scratching is general kitten behavior. If you do not want them to harm the furniture or scratch your skin, you need to give them a designated space. Things you can do are:

  • Take your cat for a grooming session, ensuring their nails get cut on time to avoid deep scratches. Choose a reliable service provider to get better services.
  • Train them to scratch on their designated place and reward them every time they follow the rule.
  • Cat parents use essential oil mixed with water in a spray bottle to keep their kittens from scratching different spots.

 Train your Kitten to use the bed

Get a comfy bed and encourage them to use it while sleeping or to sit. Initially, you can use food or a toy as bait to put the cat on the bed.

Eating Etiquettes

If you have adopted a kitten for the first time, do thorough research about what you can feed them. There are many foods that humans eat that are not suitable for kittens. Consider consulting a vet from My Furries and get a diet chart for your baby cat.

Another eating habit that you must put in your kitten is to eat from their bowl. Never feed your pet from the dining table because:

  • Most of the regular human food is unsuitable for the kittens
  • This will make them clamber around the table every time you sit to eat. It is a bad habit as it can make the guests uncomfortable.
  • They will lose the habit of eating their food on their own time. Your pet will wait for you to eat and feed them from the table.

 Safe Playing Techniques

These adorable creatures are full of energy; that is why kittens keep running around and do mischief. Ensure that their energy gets utilized positively by introducing them to safe playing techniques. Use the following tips to infuse good playing habits in your kitten.

  • Make them understand that it is not ok to harm anyone or anything with their teeth or claws.
  • Train them to play with their toys and make sure you get enough toys for them to avoid boredom.
  • Do not entertain rough plays with your kittens. They are kids, and their activities are sure to make your heart melt. But make sure you are a little stricter by saying no to rough plays.
  • No matter how busy you are, always take out time and play with your pet. It is a better way to bond with them, and during this time, they will obey you more.

Litter Training

Kittens are sophisticated beings! Once you train them to use the litter box, they instinctively use it for their nature calls. The best way is to place your cat in the litter box, helping them understand that this is the box they are supposed to use. Initially, you may have to make your cat sit forcibly, but they will soon learn to use it, and you will be at ease.

These are the regular training tips to teach some basic and necessary etiquette. Be patient and keep in mind that a kitten is still a child and is bound to throw tantrums at you. Do not try to threaten them, as this might create fear and affect the bond they share with you. Be patient, give them love and care and enjoy their growing up journey.

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