How To Take Care Of A Pet Rabbit?

How To Take Care Of A Pet Rabbit?

In this blog, we have shared tips to take care of your pet rabbit inside the house all by yourself. These nine tips will make you and your pet rabbits’ life at ease.

There is one thing common between humans and rabbits. Both are social

animals. They both need proper care, attention, and love to live. That’s why both can become great companions.

 With proper care, the rabbits can live up to 10 years. They need someone who can understand their needs and requirements. Unlike wild rabbits, domestic rabbits need specific care. Following are the tips to take care of a pet rabbit.

  • Playspace

  • Cozy sleep area

  • Nutritious Meals

  • Health check-ups at the veterinarian

  • A lot of pampering from caretakers

  • Not being isolated for long periods.

  • Being in a peaceful and stable environment.

 1.  Homey Habitat

The rabbits can get stressed in extreme weather. It’s better if you can keep them inside the house. There are two ways to take care of a pet rabbit inside the house. One is in a cardboard box, pen, or an open area.

 Things to consider when keeping the rabbit in an open area.

  • Make your home rabbit-friendly. Rabbits like chewing a lot. It’s better if the electric cords/ wires are covered.

  • Don’t place plants like aloe, azalea, calla, and lily aloe as they can be poisonous.

  • The ideal free space for the rabbits can be the living room, as they can be in touch with their caretakers more often.

 Things to consider when keeping the rabbit in the cage.

  • The length of the cage must be five times the size of the rabbit.

  • The breadth of the cage must be enough so that the rabbit can stand on its legs.

  • The floor must be soft and made of cardboard

  • Rabbits are playful. So let it play outside the cage more often.

  • The Hall area can become a good place for the pen.

  • They need some alone time to sleep as well. So, make sure your house remains quiet for that time frame.

 2.  Nutritious meal
Rabbits’ food cycle is plant-based. That’s why their meals must be a combination of the following items.

Hay: – It has fiber that improves the digestion of your pet, so your rabbits’ life becomes risk-free from hairballs, diarrhea, and obesity.

Vegetables: – Though carrots are a good choice, an ample amount of green leafy vegetables is also great for them.

Fruits: – Rabbits can eat fruits like strawberry, banana, and peaches.

Water: – Make sure to hydrate your pet with water. Also, clean water utensils once in a while.

3.  Visit the Vet

Extreme weather is not suitable for a rabbit. They need proper monthly/ annual check-ups. Look for an exotic vet because they treat various animals’ guinea pigs, rabbits, and snakes.

 4.  Grooming

The rabbits have the habit of washing and cleaning themselves. But, it would help if you took care that they wouldn’t swallow their fur.

  • As they shed hair a couple of times a year, brush them once a week.

  • Use warm water for bathing.

  • If your rabbit stops eating, take it to the vet. Your rabbit might have swallowed fur.

 5.  Have a litter box

Rabbits have the habit of eating and pooping at the same time.

  • They also like to excrete at the same place. So, it’s better to have a litter box around.

  • Use newspaper sheets as a base to the litter box to avoid mess up.

 6.  Cardboard bites

Rabbits tend to chew a lot. Also, they can get bored more often. That’s why they need mental exercise to channelize their energy.

Have empty paper rolls or cardboard boxes around. Once it serves its goal, you can put it in the bin.

7.  Caring Hands

Rabbits are delicate species. It is necessary to use gentle hands. Some rabbits can get stressed with a human touch. However, there is a way to hold them.

  • Place one hand under the front side.

  • Place the other hand under the backside.

  • Then lift it carefully and put it against your body.

 8.  Sterilizing
If you don’t want your pet to reproduce, get it sterilized with the vet. Apart from this, sterilizing can reduce the risk of various diseases.

  • Male sterilization can reduce the chance of testicular cancer. It can also lessen their aggressive behavior.

  •  Female sterilization can reduce reproductive cancer when they age.

 9.  Buy v/s Rescue
Rabbits are social creatures. They enjoy roaming together or in a group. So instead of purchasing, get them from animal shelters and rescue groups.

No doubt, rabbits can be a great companion for adults. But children cannot pet them as they might not hold them with utmost care. Rabbits are tiny, but they need the same attention, care, and love as other pets. (Dogs and cats)

With age, they can develop bone or kidney problems. That’s why scheduled visits to the veterinarian are mandatory.
They can get along with other pets if they don’t make noise. (Dogs barking) as it can stress them.
Humans have domesticated animals for various reasons. They have plowed our fields, protected our houses, and became our means of transport. But, one of the best reasons to have a rabbit as your pet is cuteness overload 24/7.

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