International Airline Pet Policies For In-Cabin Travel

International Airline Pet Policies For In-Cabin Travel


Flying has always been fun, but can you imagine how much fun it is to fly together with your cute little pooch? Yes, it’s true. Why leave your pup behind when you can fly together in the air?

As enticing as it seems to you, it might not be the same for your puppy. As soon as the flight starts dreamily into the air, anxiety or sickness might start to kick in on your pet dog’s tummy. 

Worse yet, imagine yourself held captive in a tightly closed cell in a wild place, every moment wishing to reunite with the person you love the most in the entire world. Feels horrible. Well, now you have had a taste of how your furry friend feels when locked up in crates for hours during the flight. 

Anxiety is never a colour on your pet’s adorable little face. The best way for your pup to travel is in the comfortable embrace of their lovely pet parent. Thanks to the pet-friendly policies, you can now experience the wonder of air travel together, with your pet pooch on the planes! Well, some permitting planes!


Before you even start prepping your pup for the flight, it is imperative to visit the vet and get vaccinated for rabies and other health vaccinations. Be sure to get a certificate of the vaccination! This is to establish medical health status to the authorities.  Get your checklist ready!

  • Medical records
  • Acclimation certificate for air travel (needed for some airlines)
  • Health Certificate 
  • Rabies Vaccination Certificate
  • Permit documents (if any according to place of travel)
  • Colour photo of your photo
  • ID Tag (with the owner’s name, address and contact details)


For every airline, the rules and guidelines differ. For instance, as per Air India guidelines, only two pets per plane are allowed as checked baggage or guide animals. On the other hand, Spicejet does not allow to carry any live animals in the cabin. So check in with the airline before you book the ticket and notify that you are indeed travelling with your pet child. An extra luggage charge would be added as you carry your pet along, even when you don’t have any other luggage other than your pooch. 

If sensory guide dogs help the hearing or visually impaired person, the additional charges are not inflicted upon. Unfortunately, there is no provision to carry emotional support dogs. You know, passengers travelling with a pet are allotted seats at the rear end of the aircraft.


Maximum soft-sided carrier size: 18″x18″x12″ (45cm x 45cm x 30cm) Passengers will be subject to normal excess baggage charges. The cumulative weight of a pet and carrier must be less than 11 lbs. (5kg). At times it better to have a harness to get a hold of your pup. We know you love your pup so much that you might think it is not necessary. Be that as it may, having a harness might even help your pet have a feeling of comfort amidst the chaos. After all, air travel is going to be a new experience for your pet child.

Be that as it may, the international pet policies differ from country to country. Did you know? It is impossible to travel along with your pet to some countries, including the United Kingdom and South Africa. As per the policies, a small pet like a pup can travel in-cabin while larger dogs are permitted to travel only through cargo. For more policy details, check Air India. Bon Voyage! Need to know more about such tips? Stay tuned with us while subscribing to MyFurries now!

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