Travelling With Your Furry - Air - Train Road.

Travelling With Your Furry – Air – Train Road


The bags are packed. The tickets are booked. Everything seems planned, but still, there is some hesitation lingering over your heart about leaving your pet child home with a caretaker. How many times has this happened? How many times does that happen with you when your body is somewhere else, and your heart is at home, worrying about your pet? Here’s a fun Idea. Why not take them with you? Yes, let it be air, rail or road, now carry your bundle of joy with you!

As fun as it seems, the idea comes with some efforts. Efforts that ensure your pet pooch is enjoying the travel instead of dreading every moment of the journey. Here’s all you need to know to prepare your pet dog for the trip ahead.


The wind is blowing against the face, with the tongue sticking out, with happiness smeared all over, along with you! This might be the picture that comes to your mind when you think of a road trip with your dog. For this to happen, you might have to make sure the following things happen!

  • Safety comes first. Have a harness to get hold of your pooch. Throw in a crate too! (Your pup might be too excited)
  • Travel with your owner permits and health records of your pet. (Get everything right)
  • Check the travel regulations and policies according to the mode of travel beforehand.
  • Tick water, foods, toys and treats off your checklist (Treats might help you have a hold of your dog, contain the excitement)
  • Schedule bathroom breaks (The best way to avoid smelly accidents)
  • Never leave your puppy alone (For the good of your pup and your car)
  • A comfortable space for your pup. ( A free space is a happy space)
  • Check with the place of accommodation about the pet-friendly policies.


Curious and eager, your pet puppy might get excited about its first trip, but the excitement may not turn out as a happy ending. You know your pooch barks as she is excited. But your fellow passengers don’t. Drain the energy out! Hours before the trip take your pup on a walk, on the run or play so that it gets tired. 


The run and play should keep your pup’s excitement contained. If not, let’s have a backup plan. Be sure to carry a toy or a treat that catches your pet’s complete attention. Also, don’t forget to take a comfort toy, which they are already familiar with to provide a sense of comfort. Remember, they get anxious too! 


Some people surround you; people you are not familiar with; the person you trust and love is with you, but somehow you’re anxious about all the change. When your pet starts to feel this, its stomach will start rumbling, and the equation generally ends with a smelly accident. Motion sickness happens not just to us; it happens to our adorable pet children too. You want in on a secret to avoid this? Take your pup on an empty stomach.

And most importantly, take them to poop, right before and after. If the journey is supposed to be a long one, be sure to take breaks and ensure your pup is okay. And last, whatever may don’t forget to have fun with your puppy.

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