Making Your Pet’s Boarding Experience Stress-Free: Tips for a Happy Stay

If you are a pet parent who needs to travel or be away from home, you should consider pet boarding. Although it’s a convenient option, it can be stressful for you and your pet. That said, it’s necessary to follow pet-boarding essentials to ensure a stress-free experience.

Here are some tips to make this boarding experience relaxing for your pet and how you can select a suitable boarding facility.

Research the Boarding Facility

First thing first, take your time and do research to find a reputable boarding facility that can fulfill your pet’s needs. Look for a boarding facility that gives your pet a clean, safe, and comfortable environment when you are not around. It reduces your pet’s stress by providing the best care and attention.

Here is how you can find a reputable boarding facility for your pet’s happy stay:

  • Get recommendations from your friends, family members, or other pet owners regarding boarding facilities they are familiar with.
  • Research the boarding facility online to learn reviews from previous customers. Pay attention to the feedback which will be helpful for you.
  • Visit the boarding facility to see their cleanliness, safety, and animal care approaches. Keep an eye on the staff and observe how they interact with pets.
  • Inquire the staff regarding their procedures and policies for pets.

Introduce Your Pet with the Boarding Facility

Another thing to do is familiarize your pet with the boarding facility to make him comfortable during his stay. Make a tour of the boarding facility with your pet before the actual stay and explore the environment. Your pet might want to interact with other animals and the boarding facility staff, which leads to building positive associations.

The fact is that every pet is different, and some may take longer time to interact than others. So, be patient and let your pet be comfortable and secure in the new environment.

Prepare Your Pet for the Stay

Preparing your pet before time would be best to reduce your friend’s stress level. Besides, preparing will help your pet adjust to the new environment during his stay.

Here’s how to prepare your pet for a happy stay at the boarding facility:

Provide Exercise

Ensure your pet gets enough exercise and playtime before moving. This will help your pet to release pent-up energy and combat stress in a better way.

Training and Socialization

You can enroll your pet in socialization or training classes to increase his confidence and to make your pet well-mannered.

Update Your Pet’s Vaccination Status

Make sure your pet’s vaccination status is up-to-date before leaving him in the boarding facility.

Pack Your Pet’s Essential Items

Packing your pet’s essential items, including toys and blankets, will make your pet feel at home even in an unfamiliar environment. Moreover, bring your pet’s regular food, treats, and medications to avoid any digestive issues or other complications.

Services Offer by Pet Boarding Facilities

Pet boarding facilities offer numerous services to pets while their owners are away. These include regular feeding based on each pet’s dietary needs and any particular instructions from his owner. They also offer supervised playtime and exercise sessions to keep pets active and engaged during their stay.

In addition, these boarding facilities offer regular walks so pets get enough exercise and bathroom breaks. They also provide grooming services, including baths, nail trims, brushing, and ear cleaning to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Remember, the range of services and quality of care vary from one facility to another. So, do your research and visit these boarding facilities in person before choosing a reputable place for your pet’s stay.

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