Planning A Holiday, What About Your Lovely Furries

Planning A Holiday, What About Your Lovely Furries?

It’s that time of the year when everyone is planning to go someplace for a holiday.  We cannot always take our pooches and kittens with us. It’s always a pet parent dilemma on where to leave their best friends.

Our experts recommend sensitizing our puppers from the very beginning. Start by leaving them behind for a few minutes and then come back, slowly increasing the duration so that they know that you will return.

The second most important thing you need to do is identify friends and family members who agree to look after them while you are away.  Introduce your dogs /cats to them and let them socialize with them. Let them become familiar with them. Take them to their homes often to be familiar with the surroundings.

Pets are most comfortable in their surroundings, so the caregivers should come and stay at your home while away. Only  if that is not possible  one should choose the latter.

We recommend the last option to house them in a pet boarding facility. Choose a pet boarding facility that adheres to all the  norms 

Checklist for  to shortlist a boarding facility :

1)      Neat, clean, and well ventilated

2)      Can adapt to your pet needs

3)      Board only well-socialized dogs

4)      Ensure that all boarders are vaccinated.

5)      On the call vet

6)      24/7 video surveillance

7)      Individual spaces/kennel for each pet

8)      Adequate open space for the pets to play

9)      The staff is well trained and compassionate.

10)   The team can respond to emergencies

Once you have identified a boarding facility, start taking your pup to the facility to explore. The pet needs to get familiar with the surroundings. The staff and handlers at the boarding facility. Leave your

furball for a few minutes initially and slowly increase the time at the facility. This will help you pupper quickly adjust once you leave for an extended period and reduce anxiety considerably.

Remember, abandonment is a pupper’s worst fear, and they tend to get into depression if not managed well. We all have stories of dogs/cats not eating for days once they are dropped off in a boarding facility, or worse they fall sick.

Keep the goodbyes very brief. And lastly, leave a piece of you behind with the puppy, like your t-shirt hoodies that’s their comfort cloth along with their favorite toys and treats. Let the staff know about their schedules and things that can trigger negative behavior.

Happy Holidays to you and your puppers !!

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