Points To Consider When Taking Care Of A Pregnant Cat

Points To Consider When Taking Care Of A Pregnant Cat 

Now that your cat is pregnant, you must take care of her hygiene and diet. Positive steps taken in this direction will ensure that your cat and her kittens remain healthy and energetic.

A cat is a friendly and loving pet. Having a cat in the house is an excellent option for those who want to keep a pet. There are a variety of breeds of cats that can be made pets. However, when a cat becomes pregnant, she needs some extra care. Owners need to take care of their cats’ diets, hygiene, and health. This is necessary to ensure a safe pregnancy period for the cat. Owners can learn from this article how to care for a pregnant cat.

How to know that your cat is pregnant?
There are some bodily changes in the cat during pregnancy. These changes are an indication to the owner that his cat is pregnant. These changes include:

  • Physical changes: A cat becomes prone to morning sickness during pregnancy. The diet of cats increases as the pregnancy continues. The cat’s stomach starts to appear more significant after five weeks and will continue to swell until she gives birth to the kittens.
  • Behavioral changes: A cat is a loving and friendly pet, but she might get irritated, snobby, and may hide in spaces during the pregnancy period.

How to take care of a pregnant cat?
One needs to give proper attention to a cat during the pregnancy period. Keep a watch on her dietary habits. If the cat loses interest in her food and looks stressed, this indicates a pregnancy problem. When the cat is pregnant, owners must keep her active so that she does not face any issues when she gives birth. Take care of the cat’s comfort and avoid activities that trouble the cat.

Veterinary check-ups for pregnant cats
Veterinary check-ups are essential for all pets. For example, cat owners need to get their cat’s veterinary check-up done regularly. These check-ups become more necessary when the cat is pregnant. During the pregnancy, owners need to make the schedule of check-ups with the advice of veterinary doctors. Also, they should keep details of all the nearby veterinary clinics nearby.

What to feed a pregnant cat?
The diet of the cat increases during pregnancy. Owners need to take care that they give a nutritious diet to their cats. They can discuss the diet plan for their cat with the veterinary doctor. The doctor might suggest that they provide kitten food to their cat so the kittens inside also get nutrition.

Also, they need to feed their cat in smaller amounts but more often in a day. Keeping the cat hydrated during the pregnancy is very necessary. One can keep water bowls around different places at their place so that it’s easy for the cat to drink water. Sometimes cats might have sensitive stomachs or some prevailing health conditions. If this is the case, they need to consult the veterinary doctor before making any change in their cat’s diet plan.

Preparing nest for your cat
As the cat gets pregnant, owners can give their cat a box to give birth and keep her kittens. First, make sure that the box is comfortable. Also, there should be enough space for the cat and kittens to live inside it. They can also keep a warm and soft cloth in the box to comfort the cat and the kittens.

The cats would love this gesture. Ensure that there is regular cleaning of the box and replace the towels or the cloth from time to time. Owners must keep this box familiar to their cat and minor disturbance.

Care of the cat after pregnancy
Once the cat has given birth to the young ones, the owner’s job is not over; they need to provide proper postnatal care to their cat. Soon after the delivery, they need to take both the kittens and the mother cat to the veterinarian for the check-up. This check-up needs to be done within 24 to 48 hours of the delivery. Also, they should take proper guidance from the veterinary for taking adequate care of the cat and the kittens. They may take a diet plan for giving sufficient nutrition for both the mother and the kittens.

These were some tips that will guide the owners on how to take care of a pregnant cat. A cat needs utmost care during and after pregnancy. The owners need to make themselves properly aware of all the precautions they need to keep during the pregnancy periods of the cat. This will help them ensure a safe pregnancy for their cats.

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