Christmas is just about to start. You could be having guests at your home or decorating your living room. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed, but you must be concerned about your family’s safety, including pets. This Christmas Eve can be a stressful time for your little furry friends. So, you need to tackle the problems before they even start. 

Here we have compiled a list of guidelines for you to keep your pets safe during this celebration time. Enjoy reading. 

How to Keep Pets Safe at Christmas?

Keeping an eye on your pet during these festivities can be difficult. But what can you do to keep your pet safe? Let’s have a look. 

Be Careful of Seasonal Plants

Seasonal plants like poinsettias, holly, and mistletoe can upset your pet’s tummy and can be fatal if consumed. It’s better to keep them out of your pet’s reach or go for a plastic version of these plants. 

Watch Your Christmas tree.

A lit Christmas tree can be dangerous for your pet, so you must be careful. Keep a tree in a corner where an excited pet can’t knock it over. Also, never put ornaments near a tree’s bottom, as your pet is curious. 

 Keeping Pets Safe During the Christmas Holidays?

Here is something more you need to be careful about for your pet’s safety during Christmas time:

Be Careful with Candles

Did you ever leave your house without blowing out all the candles? Likewise, don’t leave your pet around lit candles. Keep them out of your pet’s reach as they can burn themselves or the home items. 

Besides, hide decoration wires under rugs or seal them to the floor or walls with tape. Also, keep them coiled whenever possible, as these decoration wires can become your pet’s playthings and might hurt them.

Keep Presents and Gift Wrapping out Of Your Pet’s Reach

Gift wrappings are usually attractive for your pup, and he can even bite them out of curiosity. Your pet can end up in a vet’s visit after ingesting bows or tinsel. Be cautious when unwrapping gifts, and keep the wrapping away from your furry friend. Keep him busy with his toys instead of giving him some sparkly gift wrapping. 

Hide Sweets from Your Pet

If you are hosting a party at your home, ensure that your pet can’t access anything that falls on the floor. Inform your guests not to feed your pet any leftovers from the table. Also, clean up as soon as possible to keep your furry friends away from treats. Don’t leave milk and cookies (that are for Santa Claus) in your pup’s reach. 

Keep Your Pet Away from Noise Anxiety

Christmas celebrations mean parties and fireworks, but too much noise can be unpleasant for your pet. So, as a pet owner, observe your puppy; if he looks worried or stressed, you must take measures. Keep him away from stress where possible. Give him toys for playing in a separate room away from the noise but don’t leave him unattended. 

What to Do With Your Pets During the Holidays?

Celebrating something 24/7 is not good for you and your pet. So, you and your puppy need to take a rest. Take your furry friend for a walk or go to another room for peace and rest. Do some fun activities with your pet at the end of the day, so he doesn’t feel alone. 

Christmas can be stressful for your puppy; something is going on out of his routine. It would help if you spent quality time with your pup. 

Can Dogs Look at Christmas Lights?

Usually, tinsel or fairy lights can be attractive to curious pets. But these sparkly lights can irritate your dog’s eyes. Your pup might look fearful as your dog doesn’t understand what will happen. It’s better to keep your pet away from these lights as they can cause electric shocks or severe injury if swallowed. 

Final Verdict

By keeping all these guidelines in mind, you can enjoy stress-free holidays and who don’t need them. So, keep the décor items away from your pet’s reach, stick to your pet’s routine as much as possible and ensure your furry friend has enough time to relax. And remember, your pet’s safety is more important than anything.  

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