Things To Do When Bringing A Kitten Home

Things To Do When Bringing A Kitten Home

Exciting. Anxious. Happy. You might probably be feeling a mix of emotions as you await a new adorable kitten in your life. Getting to know the kitten, taking care of it, loving it with all your heart. It sure sounds like a beautiful journey lying ahead. But your kitten might not be knowing all this. New place, new scent, new food. Pretty scary and anxious, right? But, worry not MyFurries have got your back. Taking the right steps forward, we can make sure your kitten is cosy, happy and comfortable.

The Journey Home:

Leaving the place one has known for long would be hard on anyone. Your kitten is not an exception. To make the journey home as soon as possible, we have got one word for you, Carrier. Cats feel safe and comfortable in an enclosed space, especially if it’s a familiar one. Training your kitten for a few days in the carrier before you bring it home would do the trick. If not, carry an article that bears the scent of your kitten’s previous place of in habitation. There is nothing like a familiar scent that might calm your kitten.

Home Sweet Home:

As you bring the adorable fluffy ball into your home, be sure to do it in steps and stages. A whole new place and a home can be a little overwhelming. Covering some bases might lessen the effect.

  • Place the carrier in an enclosed room and open the cat carrier.
  • If your cat is hesitant, give ample time to accommodate and then place it out of the carrier.
  • Introduce your kitten to the water and food bowls followed by the litter.
  • Allow them to come and go as they please
  • Provide the same type of food (wet or dry) your kitten has been used to so that the transition is smooth.
  • Make sure your litter is big enough, so your kitten is comfortable and might not grow out of it.
  • Cat-proof your entire home. Lock all doors and locks, so your curious kitten might not explore on its own before its time.
  • Toys are your kitten’s best friend for the time. However, provide toys that are big enough not to be swallowed. Scratching posts, catnips, find what you can to entertain your kitten.

The love of Touch:

We know you love your kitten, adore it from the moment you set your eyes on them. But snuggling with them, hugging them soon after its welcome is not the way to go. Start slowly by petting your kitten. If your kitten shows some resistance to petting, slow down your pace and encourage with a few treats as you pet it with love. Try to spend more time in the initial phases with your kitten as supervision is imperative. As time goes, start introducing your kitten to the other rooms, establish boundaries and explore the boundaries while making sure the pace is slow and not too much for your ball of love to take in.

Already a pet parent?

Most young kittens are simply playful and excited when introduced to other pet animals. But it doesn’t always have to be. Especially in the case of your other pet child, let it be a cat or a dog. Plan the introduction and make sure both pets are okay. Use positive reinforcements and corrective measures to take care of inappropriate situations. Be ready to take control if you sense any kind of hostility or agitation in your pets. If that happens, diffusing the situation slowly and establishing mutual trust and understanding between the pets might take a little while. Averting competition for food and affection in the initial few weeks might soften the situation and encourage resolving the tension on their own as each other’s routine and habits become familiar over time.

A Few efforts, a little bit of time and lots of love and your kitten will feel at home in no time. It’s just you and your little purr-purr with making memories all the way along. For more information on your kitten’s health, food and water needs check out MyFurries Blog.

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