Puppies are adorable, and are the best companion in our rough times. They are always with you, no matter what. If you swim, they join you; if you sleep, they sleep with you; if you eat, they share your food. But is your food good for your pup? Many puppy parents feed their dogs with human-grade food. But they don’t know that human-grade food isn’t good for the pup’s health.

So, what to feed your pup? Are you providing the best food? Are you concerned about your puppy’s food? Let us know the best food for your puppy and what foods you should avoid.

The best you feed your puppy, the best it grows. Your pup’s food should be nutritious, healthy, and should help in its growth.

Consult your vet for complete information about when to start and when to end feeding your puppy with puppy food.

What to Feed Your Puppy?

As we humans have human food, puppies have their puppy food. This food is usually available in both dry and wet forms. As said above, your puppy needs healthy and nutrient-rich food to become a strong dog and have a good life.

Here are some nutrients that must be in your pup’s diet plan,

  1. Proteins: They are helpful in the growth of muscle mass, which improves your puppy’s muscle strength.
  2. Calcium and Phosphorus: These are essential to strengthen the bones and teeth of your pup.
  3. Fatty Acids: Healthy fats will provide the required energy.
  4. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Helpful in the better development of brain and vision.

Most Vets prescribe the above. If you need a particular diet plan for your pup, you can always consult a Vet and get the best one for your furball.

What Foods To Include In Your Pup’s Diet?

These are a few essential food items on our MyFurries list that your pup should need and are regularly available.

  1. Boiled Eggs
    They are rich in proteins and help in the proper growth of your puppy. Eggs are also rich in amino acids and fatty acids that provide the energy to play. Apart from a nutrient supplement, eggs can also help to settle an upset stomach.
  2. Carrots
    Carrots are full of vitamin A that helps in developing better vision in your puppy. These are comparatively cheap, and many Vets consider them as edible play toys for your puppy. Providing your pup with carrots in its teething period can be beneficial.
  3. Potatoes
    Potatoes are rich in starch and sugars. They also contain several vitamins that are very helpful in providing energy and health.
  4. Beans and Green Peas
    Beans and peas are rich in vitamins, and they have some traces of potassium that are very helpful for the growth of muscles and nerves. They also contain fibres that help your puppy to be strong and healthy.
  5. Mango
    Who doesn’t like mangoes? Many puppies love to eat mangoes. They are sweet with sugar, rich in fibre, and various vitamins like vitamin A, B6, C, and E. All these are good nutrition for pups and humans both.
  6. Cooked Chicken without Bones
    Cooked chicken is a healthful food for your dog. Chicken is an excellent source of protein that your dog needs to grow. Most dog food has chicken in it because it is one of the safest foods available for dogs.
  7. Raw Bones
    Raw bones can help to maintain teeth and gums healthy by providing nutrients. These are also helpful in cleansing your pup’s digestive tract.

‘Never feed boiled/cooked/roasted bones to your dog, as these can shatter and cause internal injury.’

Things To Be Considered While Feeding Your Pup

  1. You must choose a good quality human-grade meat because some pet meat or bones may have some preservatives, which may damage your puppy’s health.
  2. You must maintain good food hygiene as there is always a chance that food may have got infected with some bacteria, which is very risky to both you and your pup.
  3. You must consult a vet for info about the diet.
  4. Large breed puppies like Doberman and Great Danes should not be fed as typical puppies, as they are more prone to skeletal and joint problems.
  5. You shouldn’t feed your pup foods like chocolate, bakery items (like cake), oily snacks, and citrus fruits.

Feeding Timings
Feeding your pup at the right time is equally important as filling it with healthy food. You can provide your pup thrice a day from weaning up to four or six months, and after that, you can feed them twice a day.

As puppies grow fast in the first five months, their diet should have special consideration, and the diet you select should be as per your puppy’s weight and age.

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