Why Is Water Important For Cats

Why Is Water Important For Cats?

A cat parent needs to be careful about the signs of dehydration and incorporate healthy practices ensuring that it drinks enough water to stay healthy.

Like every other pet, cats also require a healthy diet and lots of love to stay healthy and happy. A good diet doesn’t just include healthy food but an adequate amount of water also. If your cat isn’t drinking enough water, it can lead to dehydration.

Wild cats meet their water requirement through their food when they eat insects and other animals. But domestic cats have different diets; they need to drink water to ensure healthy growth. Let’s dive deeper and understand what dehydration is and how it affects your cat’s health.


Water helps to transfer nutrients into the body, flush out the toxins, and digest food. In addition to that, water helps maintain optimum body temperature. Scarcity of water in the pet body can lead to the improper functioning of the kidney and liver, leading to serious health issues.

Speaking of cats, in particular, they generally drink less water. Their body doesn’t demand much water, so you wouldn’t even notice that your cat is dehydrated until some complicated health issues occur.

Symptoms that your cat is dehydrated

The first thing is to keep a closer watch and see if your cat neglects the bowl of water. Other than this, here are the signs that can tell that your cat is dehydrated.

Observe the skin
Just like humans, the skin in cats also loses its elasticity if they get dehydrated. Pinch your cat around her neck, and if the skin doesn’t come back to its normal position and stays gathered instead, it is a clear sign of dehydration. It happens when the skin no longer remains supple and can get better after water intake comes back to normal.

Gum check
Another easiest trick is to check the gums. Your cat’s gums should always look pink, soft, and moist. Any dryness in the gums is a clear sign of dehydration. Gently press the gums, and if the finger makes a white impression, the gums are dry, and your cats need to drink more water.

Check the Litter
Constipation is a side effect of dehydration. If you observe the litter, you will know if your cat is constipated or doing the business just right. It will help you figure out if you need to increase the water intake of your cat.

Watch the Activities
Cats are super active all the time. They are full of energy and keep roaming, running, and playing all day long. If you observe laziness or lethargy, it is a clear sign of dehydration! Better feed some water and help the cute creatures get active again.

If you see any signs of dehydration, you need to increase your water intake. However, your cat may throw tantrums and refuse to drink water.

Encourage your cat to drink water

Wet Cat Food
The best way is to give wet cat food or broth. It doesn’t fully compensate for the water intake but can prevent health issues. Furthermore, consult the best vets at My Furries to find a solution. Some people think that milk is a good substitute for water. It is a false belief as milk can, in fact, give an upset stomach making the condition worse.

Right Water Bowl
A wrong water bowl can also be the reason why your cat is not drinking enough water. Pick a shallow bowl with a smaller surface so that your cat can drink comfortably and in adequate quantity. Another thing that you can do is to place the bowl in the right place. It should be somewhere near the cat bed or near the feeding bowl to make it easier for them to locate it.

Place freshwater
As we mentioned before, water intake in cats is considerably less. It means water in the bowl will not get finished more often. However, you have to replace the water in the bowl more often, avoiding the dust and germs that water kept for a long time can attract.

Water Fountain
Cats love playing in the water fountains, and this is the best way to hydrate their skin. They are more likely to drink some water as they play under it, and it will also wake their senses, making them active again.

Consult a Vet
It is always preferable to consult an expert vet to ensure the good health of your cat. You can get in touch with the vets at My Furries and get genuine advice on what you can do to bring your cat out of the dehydrated situation.

Use any of the methods mentioned above or do as directed by your vet. Water intake is as vital to your cat as eating healthy food. Keep a closer watch on the signs and symptoms that your cat is probably showing and act upon it timely. Be a responsible cat parent as these adorable little beings need a lot of attention and affection to bond well and stay fit.

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