How Can You Take Care Of Your Dog When She Is In Heat

How Can You Take Care Of Your Dog When She Is In Heat?

This happens between the ages of 6 and 12 months, though some female dogs go into heat in 4 months and as late as 2 years. This article tells ways by which you can take care of female puppy in heat.

Know about Heat cycles
Female dogs get heat twice a year. These seasons are marked by many different emotional and physiological changes in your dog’s body.  This change is temporary, but like human beings, we must try to be closer to these pets. More proximity with pets helps them to go through this mood change easily.

The first heat cycle is very confusing to the female dog. The only key to making her feel better is to help her remain cool and calm with proper precautions.

Foundation of heat cycles 
This heat cycle lasts up to 30 days in female dogs. The female dogs can get pregnant at any time during the 30 days. Therefore, they must be kept under supervision for a minimum of 18 days after heat as the male dogs are attracted towards female hormones at this time. 

Proestrus: The first stage
The female dogs discharge with swollen vulva, a strong symptom of their heat. The blood flow will intensify in the coming days. They now have a strong desire to reproduce. They start humping other dogs irrespective of their gender. This phase lasts upto three to seventeen days.

Estrus: The second stage
Here, female dogs start flagging their tails to one side. This shows their eagerness towards the reproduction process. This phase lasts upto three to twenty-one days.

Diestrus: The third stage
Here, female dogs discharge straw-colored liquid. However, this stage has very rare chances of their getting pregnant. This phase lasts upto two months.

Anestrus: The fourth stage
It is the uterine repair phase in which there is no sexual and hormonal behaviour present. This phase lasts upto 90-150 days.

What to do
Generally, female dogs experience a heat cycle every six months. At this time, female dogs attract male dogs and are always receptive to the mating process. There are pheromones present in female dogs. These are very strong when emitted. The male dogs can detect female dogs from several miles away. The male dogs travel to meet female dogs, and they overcome any obstacles in their path. You can use heating pads with ample relaxation space for your canine to ease their discomfort. 

Leisure activity 
If you don’t want your female dog to get pregnant, restrict her outdoor time as a precaution. Make sure all the doors and windows are closed. Now, the big question is how to keep our female dogs extra busy in outing time? The best possible way is to be with her and give her your time to play and be happy. However, it isn’t likely to keep her happy for long hours. You can make her play with her toys or chew her favorite food as a pastime. Keep new stimulations ready for your female dog. This will divert her attention from heat to other things. 

Attention required
Different dogs react differently while being in heat. You might experience physical changes in her body. Some female dogs get lethargic or agitated while in heat. You must choose the activity of your female dog based on her behavior. Cooperate and collaborate with what your female dog feels comfortable with. Suppose, if she wants to sleep, let her sleep.  Try to play with your pet with attention and care as it calms your dog. Remember, your behavior is reciprocated by the dog also. You can even try to talk to your female dog. You can also comb her hair to make her feel better.

Cleanliness and Hygiene
Blood lays the foundation of heat in dogs.  These symptoms vary in every breed of dog. It’s a better idea to clean your dog by bathing her or cleaning the spot from time to time. Dog diapers or pants are also a good option. But do remember dogs always prefer a natural environment. Cleanliness and hygiene are always helpful in this regard. One teaspoon of liquid chlorophyll is also a means to reduce this smell in female dogs. Clean your pet dog with a dab cloth or as prescribed by the vet. It will help remove dirt, odor, or microbes on their body or fur skin. This way, she will remain hygienic and healthy.

Appetite and heat
Appetite changes are very common during the heat period of female dogs. Most of the dogs experience a decrease in their appetite. However, it’s very unusual or rare to have an increased appetite during the heat in a female dog. Whatever be the case, the dogs must be fed nutritious food. The food can be of any type- wet or dry, but it should balance fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients.

You can also talk to your veterinary doctor to decide what is good or what is suitable for your female dogs. 

And this phase shall pass easily.  Heat in female dogs is a natural process and the pet parents need to be aware of the same and take care of their pet accordingly. If you do not want to breed your female dog and avoid unwanted pregnancies, it would be best to get her spayed. _______________ is the best place for seeking vet advice for your female dogs. 

Spaying and neutering dogs of future reproductive age can help them live longer, healthier lives by preventing certain health conditions and allowing them to have a better quality of life as they age.

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