Taking care of female puppies

What Are The Steps To Follow When Caring For Female Puppies?

Follow the tips given in this article to ensure everything goes smoothly while your female pup is in heat, and know that your pup will appreciate all the extra love and attention that you will want to give her

Puppyhood is a fun time in a dog’s life, but it can also be a time when your dog experiences some changes in her body and behavior that can be uncomfortable. The first thing you should know about female puppies is that, just like male puppies, female puppies experience changes in their hormones and behavior as they enter puberty. The change in your female puppy’s behavior may seem like she’s acting out of the ordinary, but don’t be surprised if she chews on things she used to love or digs constantly. This is normal behavior for female dogs when they’re in heat, and you should know how to take care of female puppies so you can help your puppy through this time.

Food and diet                         
Make a list of all the basic details of your puppy like, its weight, breed, age and diet as the amount of food that needs to be given to the pet depends on the dog’s size, breed, and age. Make sure that the food meets the daily nutritional requirements of your pet after consultation from a vet. He will let you know the daily food and protein requirements of your pet. Fresh drinking water is a must for puppies to prevent dehydration. 

Training treats 
Giving rewards is an essential part of the upbringing of the puppy. Just like children, they also love rewards for their good behavior. These treats can be bones, chew items, high protein treats, pup cakes, etc. Ensure that your puppy is in a clean and comfortable place while doing physical activity. Be consistent in giving rewards. This will boost learning from the puppy’send.

Grooming sessions 
Keep your dog hair under control. Brush their coats regularly. Apply natural oils to make their coat healthy and shiny. Regular trimming of hair and ear cleaning is also necessary. It would help if you made a habit of brushing your dog’s hair for a minimum of a week. Also, check for furs upon the bristles of your female dog regularly.


Use warm water for the bathing of your pet dog. Always apply canine shampoo, which is not harmful to dogs’ skin. It would help if you used a non – slip mat to avoid accidents. Dogs must be bathed once or twice a month. Brush out the teeth and gums of your pet to reduce the occurrence of any dental disease in your female dog.

Dog accessories 
Leash, collar, dog bed, and some chew toys are other requirements for your dog. Get the best comfortable stuff to make your dog feel happy. It must be made of the best material and best quality.

Play with your dogs. Give them plenty of exercise with walks and running. Sit, stay, come and get down must be known to the dog. Dogs park or playing and fetching the ball are some of the games that can make the movement of dogs dynamic. Without activity, the dogs can become lethargic, unhappy, and frustrated. Exercise helps in toning the muscles. It also helps in the fast metabolism of female dogs.

Pooping area 
Allot a pooping area to your dog. Check it to know the health of your pet. A good bathroom routine will make your pet disciplined. Crate training can also be used as an option here. The most common time for pooping is when your pet wakes up, right before bedtime or after eating. Use pet waste bags in case of ill health of your pet. 

Veterinary care 
If you find anything abnormal in your pet, visit your veterinary doctor immediately. You must ensure that your pet gets all the essential vaccines for his survival. In addition, regular checkups must be done with proper medication for a better life.

Tracking the dog 
You can get a GPS tracker for your puppy. It will help you in keeping track of your pet’s activities. This will help you in ensuring the safety and security of your pup. In addition, this monitoring of the dog’s movement throughout the day will help you know about the pet’s health consistently.

Socializing puppy 
Developmental stages in a female dog are crucial and involve their experience in various situations. Positive puppy behaviours make the surroundings more relaxed and peaceful. A well-socialised puppy is more charming in comparison to the puppies who like to sit aloof.

Health insurance
Pet owners can ensure the safety of their pup at a very affordable and easy rate. Schedule all the instalments of insurance and vaccinations for your pet. There are many flexible and pocket-friendly options available. You can choose the best one for your canine.

Lots of love
Love can be the x-factor in caring for your female dog. You must be affectionate and patient with your dogs. This will make your relationship with your pet stronger and better. Love makes them happy. It will serve as a positive reinforcement for the dog. Do remember the owner and pet bond is the best relationship. It engages the mind and helps the body. 

If your puppy is in heat you need to prevent her from being pregnant, as the male dogs may smell the female hormones, especially when your female pup is on a walk or at the dog park. SO you need to be extra cautious at that time. Also, just because your pup has stopped bleeding doesn’t mean that her cycle is over. There may be more discharge in the after phase of bleeding. If you suspect that something is off, immediately go to the vet.

Female dogs in heat are in need of special attention. Female dogs in heat are most likely to seek out the company of other dogs in heat, which means that your female dog may become very difficult to handle. Your female puppy will certainly become more difficult to housetrain, and may even become dangerous to people, particularly if she is not weary from breeding. You should seek veterinary care for your female dog as soon as possible if she begins to display heat-related symptoms, such as: urinating frequently, vocalizing constantly, and aggressive behavior.

A female puppy in heat is in desperate need of good care to prevent her from getting sick or being injured. The entire heat cycle lasts for 21 days. The hormones released into her body during estrus make her extremely vulnerable to disease and injury. Most importantly, these hormones cause her to behave in a manner that can put her own safety at risk. The most common ailment that a female puppy in heat is prone to is heat exhaustion. It is important that we give special attention to our pup and not tie her or isolate her during the period. If you want to avoid your girl getting pregnant then it is best to get her spayed. This will also prevent certain diseases that may occur if your dog is not spayed.

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