Cat Vaccinations: All You Need To Know

Cat Vaccinations: All You Need To Know

A healthy cat is a happy cat. But how do you keep your cat healthy? You feed good food, you play with them, you take care of them, and you groom them regularly. While all these important, keeping up to date with cat vaccinations are just as essential. It helps improve the immunity in cats to fight against fatal feline diseases. Just like humans, cats need them too. So, if you have any doubts in mind if cats require vaccines; Yes, they absolutely do.

When you go to a doctor, sick; they examine what is wrong, consider your lifestyle and prescribe accordingly. The same goes for cat vaccines. It doesn’t go with a ‘one for all’ type of medication. Each cat requires different vaccinations, taking into account its existing health conditions and lifestyle. In India, three important vaccines are being administered to cats.

  • Rabies vaccine

  • Feline Leukemia vaccine

  • FVRCP vaccine

Did you know? Cat vaccination can start as early as 6-8 weeks of age. With routine check-ups and follow up-vaccines at 3-4 weeks interval, it might go on till 4 months of age.

Rabies Vaccine:

Of course, everyone might have heard of Rabies. But did you know it is severe in animals? Just like humans, cats need them too. Transmitted from one infected animal to a healthy one through saliva, this disease can be fatal for your feline friend. 8 out of 10 cases show that animals infected with rabies were put down. 

The first dose of the rabies vaccine can be administered as early as 8 weeks. It should be followed by a yearly booster dose or one every three years depending upon the vaccine used.


This vaccine is also known as ‘feline Distemper Vaccine’. It fights against the highly contagious viruses in cats namely 

  • Panleukopenia

  • Rhinotracheitis 

  • Calicivirus



  • Fever

  • Seizures

  • Loss of appetite

  • Possible death


  • Sneezing

  • Nasal congestion

  • Excessive blinking

  • Discharges from eyes and nose

  • Squinting


  • Fever

  • Mouth Ulcers

  • Gum Diseases 

  • Sneezing

Feline Leukemia vaccine:

The Feline Leukemia Vaccine is mostly recommended for cats with a much outdoor lifestyle. It can be contracted directly from the affected cat. So in most cases, it won’t be necessary for indoor cats. However, it must be discussed briefly with the vet.

Side effects:

In addition to the virus combating efficiency, cat vaccines also come with some side effects.

Keep an eye out for

  • Fever

  • Allergic Reactions

  • Soreness

Though it is extremely rare, other risks include developing tumours at the site of injection. In most cases, the advantages of the vaccine will outweigh the risks. However in cases with high risks of allergic or adverse reactions, it is important to discuss with the vet.

Currently, in India, cat vaccinations are available at government facilities for free of cost. If you opt for private hospitals, the charge will be around 350-400 INR per dose adding up to around INR 1600 for five doses. It ranges with each vaccine and the dose administered.

To love and have a feline friend in life also means to take good care of them. The right vaccinations will go a long way in protecting the health of your beloved time. Haven’t gotten your call vaccinated yet? Now is a great time to do it! And don’t worry we got you covered. For all your questions about raising your beloved cat, MyFurries has got your back. Know all there is to know about pet cats on the MyFurries blog.

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