Virtual Veterinary Care: Book a Video Visit for Your Pet’s Health and Well-being

Comprehensive veterinary care has recently grown, making vet visits possible through phone, video, or chat. Virtual veterinary services have eased the life of pet owners and their anxious pets whose greatest fear is a trip to a vet clinic. 

If you are looking for virtual veterinary services, My Furries’ Video consult service is right here to make your life easier. First, let’s see what this service is about and how you can get benefit from it:

Book Video Consult with MyFurries

MyFurries video consultation is created by professionals to provide the best veterinary consultation services for pet parents worldwide. Now, you can discuss your pet’s health issues with a vet and get professional guidance at home. 

You can consult with vet experts depending on the availability of slots, and here is how you can do it:

  • First, book your time slot and enter your mobile number, depending on your availability.
  • Next, enter your details, name, email, etc. 
  • After confirming your details, you can complete the booking by paying ₹149. 

You can make payments using all major debit and credit cards. Besides, mobile wallet payment methods such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, UPI, and Paytm are also effective in making payments.  

This service will be a maximum of 30 minutes. After consultation, you will be given a five-day follow-up period. You can reschedule your appointment only once, but it’s essential to notify via a call 2 hours before your booking slot. 

What Health Concerns Can be addressed through Video Consultations? 

It’s best to have your pet around during video calls so a vet can examine it properly. In the case of his absence, your pet’s complete history, pictures, and videos will help a vet suggest the correct treatment. 

Issues like diagnostic procedures and immediate medical care require hands-on examination and can’t be addressed via a virtual setting. However, minor injuries like cuts, scrapes, skin issues such as rashes and itching, and behavioral issues, including anxiety, aggression, or compulsive behavior, can be discussed via video consultation

In addition, veterinarians can also assess your pet’s dietary habits and give recommendations for appropriate nutrition. They can prescribe immediate medication and recommend the best possible treatment for your loving pets. 

Virtual consultations enable vets to check on the healing process and further guide you for your pet’s post-operative care. These services are best suitable for non-emergency situations and conditions where a physical examination is not required immediately. 

How Virtual Vet Consultations Can Benefit You? 

Now, you can seek professional veterinary guidance from the comfort of your home, eliminating the need for physical travel. It also saves your time by avoiding the commute to a veterinary clinic. 

This service reduces the anxiety or stress events in pets that might happen while visiting a vet clinic. Virtual consultations make scheduling appointments more flexible, as you can choose a time that works best for you and your pet. In addition, virtual consultations are more cost-effective in certain cases than in-person visits, particularly when travel expenses are a significant factor. 

Feedback about My Furries’ Video Consult Service 

Are you still wondering whether this video consult service will help you or not? Many pet owners like you also had doubts until they used this service. 

Here is feedback from people who were happy with My Furries’ Video Consult Service:

“Best website to contact vets immediately online. The solutions provided by the vets are very accurate and works like charm.” 

“Thanks to “my furries” for helping me. Nice way of chatting and also friendly. Thank you.”

So, if you are concerned about your pet’s health and well-being and need immediate veterinary guidance, book a video consult with Myfurries for your convenience. 

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