What are the Dos and Don'ts for pets during Diwali

What Are The Dos And Don’ts For Pets During Diwali?

People celebrate Diwali by lighting up their houses and bursting crackers. Animals are sensitive towards the sound, and this time can be devastating for them. So during Diwali, you must follow certain dos and don’ts to keep your pets safe.  

We don’t refer to pets as animals; we refer to them as family members. As we know that Diwali is a festival of Light, Sound, Sweets, and Memories. To express our happiness, we decorate the house by lighting up with Diyas, drawing Rangoli at the house’s entrance to welcome Goddess Laxmi in the house, and burst firecrackers to ward off and scare evil and notorious spirits away. While humans enjoy the noise, pets don’t like the noise since they are noise-sensitive. So let’s find out some dos and don’ts for pets during Diwali.

Follow these tips to keep your pets safe and happy this Diwali!

· Protect Their Eyes:

Diwali is a dazzling festival for all of us, but it can be annoying for our pet’s eyes. The diyas, candles, bright light, and anything too bright can scare them.

So make sure that all the windows are covered with heavy curtains. Nonetheless, don’t lock them in a room for too long, else they will be stressed. Instead, make them feel comfortable at home.

· Protect Their Ears:

Keep in mind that dogs’ hearing is many times sharper and stronger than humans. Therefore, the sound of crackers can damage their eardrums. You can make your room soundproof to minimize the sounds.

Make sure they have enough water, food, and toys to stay inside the room. To mask the sounds of crackers, you can play music in the room as well.

· Protect Their Nose:

A dog’s nose is unbelievably sensitive, and they can get breathing problems due to the pollution caused by bursting crackers.

To avoid complexity, you can use the air purifier at home. Also, it would help if you kept the vet’s number handy in case the dog starts to develop any breathing difficulties. You can also use dog masks to avoid these kinds of situations.                  

· Protect Their Skin And Fur:

During Diwali, there would be a lot of fire around from candles, diyas, crackers, etc. So don’t unleash your dog. And don’t let them go too close to any fire source.

Make sure during the festival season, trim down your dog’s coat since it’s highly flammable. Also, the tail area has more tendency to catch fire. So make sure to keep them away from any fire source around the house or in the street.  

· Keep First Aid Kit Handy:

As you can never be a hundred percent sure about your pet’s safety, it is essential to keep a pet first aid kit handy. So it’s better to be ready for any situation.

You can take advice from your vet about the emergency procedure that can be followed in case of any critical situation. Your vet can also suggest you keep anti-anxiety medicine and sedatives handy to keep your pet calm during the festival season.

· Don’t Leave Your Door Ajar:

You have to take some precautions during this festival season since your pets are very sensitive. Ensure not to leave the door ajar and keep all the windows tightly closed to protect your pets from loud noise. Also, since the pet is sensitive to sound, you can play soft music around to soothe your pet so that they can feel safe.

Besides, Dogs have the tendency to run away from home due to loud noise, so the door must be kept tightly closed.  

· Don’t Leave Your Dog Home Alone At Diwali:

Due to the bursting noise of crackers, pets can be very sensitive and stressed. They might be going through severe emotional turmoil and fear. So leaving them alone can make the situation worse.

· Don’t Indulge With Sweets:

Diwali means indulging in sweets and a whole lot of lip-smacking food preparation, but don’t feed these to your pet. This food might be good for you, but it isn’t suitable for your pet. So all these rich Diwali special food and fried food may upset your pet’s tummy. So make sure your dog eats only dog food or his regular diet.

Don’t Misuse Firecrackers:

Being human, we should be compassionate and kind towards the animal as well. Since animals can’t speak and can’t express their anguish and agony, it doesn’t mean that we can hurt them anyway.


So don’t throw firecrackers on sleeping stray dogs at the roadside or tie firecrackers on their tail; it may wound them deeply or kill them brutally.

· Don’t Panic:

When your pets don’t feel good, it’s very natural for us to panic. But, pets tend to pick on your moods, so don’t panic. Instead, make sure you keep your emergency pet care kit handy. Pet care kit must have medicines for fever, diarrhea, vomiting, cuts, and wounds.


Diwali is the festival of light and the most auspicious time of the year. However, due to crackers’ noise, this time becomes difficult for pets and stray animals. Bursting crackers causes disturbance to the animal, and it also causes noise, light, and air pollution, which is unhealthy for humans as well.

Though Diwali is the auspicious time for us to share a bond with family and friends, it can be difficult for our pets. So we have to make sure to take some precautions while celebrating Diwali and not stress them out.  

Diwali brings joy, happiness, prosperity to our life, so it should bring the same things to the lives of animals. Diwali is the festival of spreading joy and happiness; we must follow certain dos and don’ts for pets during Diwali, so the same vibes are shared with our furry friends.  

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