What are the growing stages of a Kitten?

What Are The Growing Stages Of A Kitten?

A kitten deserves the best care, good food and superb nutrition. The article summarizes kitten’s food requirements by age.

Have you ever looked at a newborn kitten? Small enough to fit in hand, delicate and undoubtedly beautiful? As pretty as it seems, newborn kittens are comparatively immature when compared to dogs. Their eyes and ears remain shut for almost an entire week. They rely entirely on their mother for milk and warmth. And they gain weight around twice the amount at birth. That’s why it is essential to understand the evolving dietary needs of kittens.

0-4 Weeks:
  • During the first four weeks, the kitten’s ears and eyes will open up, and it will start to increase the quantity of milk consumed.

  • Keeping the kitten along with its mother throughout this period is vital as the mother’s milk will provide all the essential nutrients required for optimum growth.

  • If the kitten’s mother is absent, it is advised to replace the milk with a kitten’s milk formula.

  • Do not try to feed the kitten cow’s milk as it is unsuitable for a newborn kitten’s dietary needs and might irritate the bowels.

  • A newborn kitten needs feeding for 45 minutes, almost every 2-3 hours.

4-8 Weeks:
  • During the next four weeks, the kitten will start weaning off from its mother.

  • Gradually shift the course from mother’s milk to formula and onto kitten food.

  • Introduce watered-down solid food first and set the pace.

  • In the later weeks, introduce dry food.

  • By the later weeks, the feeding times should be limited to 3-4 times a day, as the kitten will start eating in comparatively more significant quantities.

Above eight weeks:
  •  A kitten can be entire of its nursing after 8 weeks.

  •  If the kitten is reluctant, try separating from the mother until it completely weans off.

  •  Before 12 weeks, the kitten should be completely okay with solid and average kitten food    

Making a Routine:     
  • Start preparing a feeding schedule once you know what your kitten eats and how much it eats after 12 weeks of age.

  • Decide on the amount of food per day and split the sessions as your kitten prefers.

  • Making feeding sessions fun and loved to make the transition easier.

  • Monitor its water intake along with its food intake

  • Remember to keep its water and food bowls far from its litter.

  • Eventually, the transition from kitten food might happen between 12 months- 18 months of age, sometimes even 24 depending upon the breed.

Remember, feeding your kitten the right food with the right supplements will set the base for a healthy and happy life ahead. For more information on kitten nutrition and feeding, subscribe to our newsletter.

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