Veg Food Vs. Non-Veg food for my dogs

What Is The Right Food For Your Pet Dog: Vegetarian Or Non-Vegetarian?

In this article, we have provided you with a comparison between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dog foods. It will help you to plan their diets and decide their meals.

As a pet parent, you always strive to feed your dogs the healthiest meals. You do not want to leave any stone unturned in preparing and arranging what is best for them. However, one doubt that remains constant in the caretakers’ minds is whether to choose veg or non-veg food for their dogs. As both these types have their respective pros and cons, you need to stay informed about these food types. Then, you can make the right decisions about your dogs’ dietary plans with proper knowledge.

Vegetarian Dog Food

You can choose a vegetarian diet for your dog, but the meal distribution is not the same as we would have as vegetarians. This is because the digestive systems of dogs are different from ours. Well, the number of calories and protein that dogs require are also dissimilar. Your dog’s meals should include carbohydrates (30%) and proteins (35%). Apart from these two components, their vegetarian diet must have other essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fats, and fibres. 

The veg food items that you can give your dog include various types of pulses, fruits, and vegetables. Curd or Yogurt is also a good option as it contains a considerable amount of proteins. You can feed it to your dogs with rice. Nonetheless, this combination should be less than 40 per cent of their meals. You can also include paneer (cottage cheese) in their diets. 

Advantages of Non-Veg Dog Food

  • The protein intake is taken care of while feeding non-veg food items to your dogs.
  • It takes less time to prepare non-veg dog food, which is more convenient for you.

 Disadvantages of Non-Veg Dog Food


  • Overfeeding non-veg items to your dog may lead to various health issues, including obesity.
  • Some pet parents opt for raw meat to feed their dogs, which may cause several types of food borne diseases.
The Final Thoughts

Which diet do you choose for your pet dog? Well, the most significant factor is to be well informed about the proper quantities of feeding. Just like feeding less than required is not correct, feeding excessive food is also not right—another critical prerequisite in maintaining hygienic conditions while preparing veg and non-veg food items for your dogs. Cleaning non-vegetarian food in the right way is very important. At the same time, hygiene should not be ignored while dealing with vegetarian food as well. You need to take care while choosing good quality ingredients from the market.

At MyFurries, we provide you with all the essential information regarding both types of dog diets. We advise the pet parents for feeding their dogs’ balanced diets unless they follow strict culinary regulations. We shall share accurate knowledge with you and discuss your opinions.

Thus, together we shall plan the best diet for your adorable dogs. After taking our guidance, we are sure that you will confidently plan your dog’s diet. Also, please do not forget to share this info with your friends, family, and pet lovers you know on WhatsApp, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook.



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