How much food do I give to Fido and Kitty

How Much Food Do I Give To Fido And Kitty

In this article, you will find details about the right proportion of food that you should give to your Fido and Kitty and till when you need to stick to the baby food.

As a pet parent, you should give utmost attention to how much you feed your Kitty or Fido. They also need proper nutrition and healthy meals at the apt interval for better growth and sound health like human babies. Failing to give a good diet in the right amount at the right time will lead to ill health and won’t let your baby grow up as a healthy adult.

That is why you should always pay attention to how much food your pet needs and what you should include in their diet. If you are unsure about how to plan all this, get in touch with the dietary experts and vets on websites like MyFurries and get all your queries answered

If you are not up for that as well, read this article till the end and you will be able to plan a healthy diet for your furry child. Here are the basics of how much food you should give to your kitty and Fido. 

Feeding a Fido

Growing puppies need proper nutrition and timely meals. You cannot feed them the regular adult dog food. It will rob them of significant nutrients which are essential for their growth. If you have a little pup at home, keep the following points in mind:

  • Always consider factors like weight and breed of your pup before deciding on their diet proportion. Every dog is different. Hence, you need to understand the breed and nutrient requirements of your Fido well.
  • The feed proportion of the dry commercial food that you give to dogs depending upon their age is as follows:

Up to 3 months (weighing   around 1.5 Kg) 

½ to 2 cups of Fido food 

4 to 5 months (weighing around 2.5 kg)

2/3 to 3 cups of Fido food

6 to 9 months (weighing around 3.5 kg)

Up to 5 cups of Fido food

9 to 12 months (weighing around 5 kg)

Up to 6 cups of Fido food

1 to 2 years (weighing around 8 kg)

Almost the same as an adult dog.

Note: 1 cup here refers to 100 calories of food. 

Understand that you should also consider the breed while deciding the quantity, as some Fidos does have special needs.

  • Your Fido will stick to the schedule that you will follow from the beginning. So once you decide on the food proportion, you can divide it into smaller meals and give it throughout the day. Keep in mind that you should be consistent with the schedule.
  • We understand resisting yourself from giving treats to your furry kid is not easy. But it is for their own good that you limit the intake of treats.
That is all about feeding the Fido, as recommended by the experts at MyFurries. Let us move on to know about feeding the kittens.

Feeding a Kitten

Cats are termed baby kittens for the first year. That is when they need the baby food. Giving nutrient-rich food for the first year ensures that they grow up to be the healthy and gorgeous cats that they are. So, if you have recently adopted a kitten, here are the things that you should know about feeding the little kid:

  • For infants, you need to get a special feeding bottle from a pet supply store and cut a hole into it. Understand that you cannot give the regular milk from your fridge to the kitten. Buy the formula, made especially for the kittens and feed that in the right proportion.
  • The right amount of commercial formula food that you should give to the kitty based on its age is as follows: 

Up to 1 week

2 to 5 ml every 2 hours

2 to 3 weeks

6 to 14 ml every 3 to 4 hours

3 to 5 weeks

14 to 22 ml every 4 to 6 hours

5 to 8 weeks

You can start weaning.

  • After the 5th week, the kittens start getting their premolars which is a clear idea they are ready to go for the semi-solid and solid foods. But you need to ensure that the food is cooled down and that you are serving at regular intervals
  • Never overfeed the kitty as this can affect its health badly. If you buy the formula from the store, you will find the proportion details at the back of the packaging. For meals you prepare yourself, seek help from the vets or experts on websites like MyFurries to know the right proportion.
  • No matter how much you want to, never over pamper the kittens with treats. It is ok to give cat treats in the right amount, but overfeeding can prove dangerous for their health.

These are general instructions about feeding your Fido and the kitten. There are various other details and factors that play a vital role in deciding which food and in what quantity you should be giving to your pets. Hence, it is essential to take your pets to the vet and get a detailed analysis done before preparing a diet chart.


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