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Why Volunteer?

By volunteering, you become a member of the community- a Community of supporters, doctors, rescuers, legal advisors, animal care specialists, and volunteers. You’ll get the right guidance, help, and support that will help to fulfill the commitment, of helping the strays, more effectively.

Why Volunteer with MyFurries?

  1. We believe in Live and Let Live.
  2. Experience of 30 plus years in taking care of animals and pets.
  3. We are a community of vets, animal care specialists, legal advisors, and supporters.
  4. Ready access to consultation and advice from expert veterinarians and animal care specialists.
  5. Dedicated campaigns to promote and educate the community.

Here is how you can help

Volunteer as a Feeder

A feeder is the guardian of the strays. And, as guardian, it becomes your duty to also ensure their welfare & protection, along with feeding them. When you volunteer, you’ll receive a guide that will help you become a responsible feeder. You’ll also get support and advice with whatever issue you and your strays are facing.

Volunteer for doing Research work & Promotion activities

Become our ambassador( Help spread the message): Share our social media posts & stories.
Ask friends & relatives to join the cause.

Research & develop education material

Research & write material for social posts, blogs & newsletter

What will you get
from Myfurries?

What will you get in

see the video

Volunteer/Join Myfurries
Feedthestrays program

On a mission to serve 40k stray dogs every month

Any Prior Experience?*

MyFurries Volunteers get
access to:
  • Cost Effective recipes to prepare food.

  • Free Veterinary consultation for your streeties.

  • Connect with shelters.

  • Knowledge about rules and regulation for feeding strays And role of RWA.

  • Part of the largest community of feeders.

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