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About Myfurries Vets

MyFurries: A one-step solution for all your Veterinary practice needs.
Expand your reach, manage appointments, store vast pet and pet owner records.
Provide easy e-prescriptions, consultation,training and more...
Collaborate with your colleagues and experts in just a few clicks!

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All inclusive practice management and collaboration platform for a seamless Veterinary-Pet Owner experience.
Collaborate (Collab - VET tool) with your colleagues and other experts to provide the best veterinary
care for your patients and share case studies, images, research.


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How it works?

how to help doctor

1.Sign up

Create your account by filling in your details like degree,
name of colleges and year of passing

2. Enter your vet details

Login with your user name password and start
interacting with your peers and clients

how to help doctor
how to help doctor

3. Vet Dashboard

Receive and respond to queries form your patients,
set up appointments online as well as offline

Our Advisors
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Dr. Vinay Chhabra

BVSc. & AH

consult step 1s

Dr. Nidhi Samania

Veterinary Microbiologist

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Dr. Arun Kumar Taneja

M.V.SC. - Surgery/Radiology

consult step 1s

Dr. Satbir Josan

M.V.SC. - Surgery



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Create Free Profile

Upload Photos, Portfolio, Certificates, Add Description, Qualifications, Achievements to Help Pet Owners Discover You.

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Treat/Train/Groom Pets Online

Its a overview of all the pet parents queries details and and list of completed and pending request.

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Earn an Extra Income

Vet can easily send prescription to pet parent’s inbox or there is a templete for prescription which can easily fill

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Appointment Management

Vet can easily answer all the pet parents questions online

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Digital Records

Its a overview of all the pet parents queries details and and list of completed and pending request.

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Enhanced Reach

Vet can easily send prescription to pet parent’s inbox or there is a templete for prescription which can easily fill.



Need answers? Find them here...

Frequently Asked Questions on Find a Vet

Start asking your family members, friends, dog walker, co-workers, animal shelters, search the internet, to name a few

Search for a qualified veterinarian should start even before you decide to get a pet. It is good to get to know your vet beforehand. He will be part of your pet journey for their entire lifetime and get advice from them on what to expect when our new family member comes home.

Start with seeing if you and the vet have the same or similar point of view, kind of a personality match. The next step is to see the facilities around, their staff Working hours Do they accept walk-ins? Do they handle emergencies? What are their consultation fees? Do they have a facility for tests and procedures on-site? Do you have a pharmacy? How do they accept payments

Oh boy, groomers should not sedate dogs. A dog can only be sedated when you have a vet round. It can cost you your pet's life if not done under supervision. Sensitize your pets for grooming sessions early on in their lives, so it's an enjoyable experience for them. IN some cases, like trimming a painful nail, one might need some support to calm the pet, ensure it is always done under veterinarian supervision

Its very simple , just go to the google play store and download the app

You see all the pending request and completed consults on the Home Screen of the app

Yes, you can login to myfurries.com on the webapp and see all information on your dashboard

Pet owners can chat with the vet by clicking on the question title on home Screen. Realtime chatting is enabled.

That depends on what you want! Reach out to our sales team to discuss the best package for your practice.

Nope! The app is completely free for your clients. They can download it here.

Minimum subscription is for one year.

It’s a money back offer , if you are not satisfied with the service, we refund the entire amount any time during the subscription

Yes! We will automate health service and appointment reminders and will provide you with tools to get more web appointment requests just like your other reminder system has done in the past – plus, your clients will have access to the MyFurries mobile app!

We know not every client you have will download MyFurries Vet App and that’s ok! They can reach out to you through our webapp or we will reach these clients through other channels, including emails, texts.

Consumer behavior has changed dramatically since portals were invented. Most mobile phone users check their phone more than 60 times per day. So, businesses are using apps to connect with customers and clients. Mobile apps are more personalized, more people will use them, and they also ensure that your practice is reaching your clients where they are.

We make it easy for your team and client to communicate by automating communications and saving your team phone time. Some of our highest-impact features include digital appointment requests, digital appointment confirmations, and follow ups

By going digital and automating communications and reaching your clients through a variety of channels, we save your team time so that you can focus on high-value activities that will retain clients.

We are proud of our best-in-class support team! Along the conventional channels of email and phone you can contact is on What’s App . We also assign a Customer Success Manager to your practice during onboarding so you always have someone to reach out to and who will reach out to you.