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about us

We are a team Of companion/pet animal and animal lovers who want to assist in making the journey Of pet parents and their fur babies full Of happiness and joy right from their puppyhood to being a senior. Providing Expurret care for your furry, feathery,or
scaly furiends.

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Hey Everyone, I am Simba. Yeah, right, from The Lion King. My story started 12 years ago when my Dad brought me home, and that's where I met my mum.



Meet my Family

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I am the second generation of furries in our family. My mum and Dad have been pet parents for over 25 years. We are of all shapes, sizes colors. My parents never discriminated be it a cat, dog, rabbits all stayed under one roof.


Meet our Saviour

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Dr. Vinay Chhabra

BVSc. & AH from Lala Lajpat Rai University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Over 25 years of experience in small animal care, worked with Delhi Zoo, SPCA, And Haryana Government as Veterinary Surgeon. And Cookie, his assistant overseeing operations



The Inception of Myfurries.

meet mum

Meet my mum: Deepali Singh, CEO & Co-Founder

An avid animal lover and passionate about their well being . She has an extensive (25 years) experience in building and fostering the growth of platform-based businesses Starting as a core team member of Naukri.com and building 99acers.com and Chief Business Officer at Firstnaukri.com before moving to her entrepreneurial journey with MyFurries.

How it help us

The platform will enable small animal health care providers to become easily discoverable. Furry parents can get detailed information about the vets in their vicinity...

The platform will have localized information on groomers, trainers, and vet pathologists, helping the pet parents take care of their pets' needs.The vets can connect with other vets through an online community, which can benefit their patients immensely. Ultimately each Vet wants the best for their patients and wants them to recover quickly.

It will be full of anecdotes, success stories, and veterinary practices repository to attract and help more pet lovers.

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Information and
articles from experts
on raising us and
latest developments
on pet care.

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Can't take your babies
with you? Find a home
away from home for
them here.

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From fanciest to
trendiest, find all
sorts of grooming
salons around you!

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how it will change things

Discovering vets will become easy for pet parents. A vet can reach out to more and more patients on the platform and help them lead a healthier and happy life. Their expertise is useful whenever a need arises, no matter where the patients are. Pet parents will have access to the diagnostic center, pet chemists, groomers, and boarders

Imagine countless happy wags, meows, and faces just by being on the platform.

Our Mission is to have happy, healthier companion animals and joyful pet parents.
Spreading more wags, meows, purr, and happy faces.

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