Ways to Groom Your Dog and Cat At Home

How To Conduct At-Home Grooming For Your Pet Dog And Cat?

In this composition, we have talked about some grooming techniques for your pet dogs and cats. The techniques that we shared you can easily carry out at your home.

In the current pandemic situation, many people have become confined to their homes. As a result, they have to do all those tasks themselves for which they were dependent on external sources, such as haircut, salon treatment etc. These are necessities and indispensable, so we have found out solutions to groom ourselves at home. But don’t our pets require grooming too? They also need equal, and in fact, more attention in this regard. Our pets are entirely dependent on us, and thus, we must take care of their well-being, irrespective of the circumstances. Grooming helps the pets stay clean, and it enables the pet parents to detect underlying infections if any.

To groom your pet dogs and cats at home, you need essential tools such as pet grooming trimmers and scissors. You will also require oral hygiene products that are exclusively meant for dogs and cats. Our experts at MyFurries strongly suggest using tools and products made only for pets. Please do not experiment with the scissors or toothpaste that you use for yourself. 

Below, we have provided the guidelines for grooming your pet cat or dog at home. 

Hair Brushing

  • Use a soft brush meant for your pet. 
  • Brush your pet’s hair employing longitudinal strokes. 
  • Check for any latent infections while you brush.
  • Depending on the amount of fur, you can choose to brush weekly or fortnightly. 

Nail trimming 

  • Use nail clippers meant for your pets. The ones for cats will be smaller in size than dogs’, as cats’ nails are thinner. 
  • If you have someone to assist you with pet grooming, ask them to hold your pet while you trim their nails. Else, wrap your pet cat or dog in a blanket so that they can scratch you less.
  • Trim the nails not too close to where their blood supply starts, called the quick. If you cut their skin by accident, immediately coat the area with cornstarch for the blood to clot. If the cut is deep or the bleeding does not stop, contact a vet.

Hair trimming

  • Do this task when your pet cat or dog is calm and less active.
  • Using trimmers that are specially made for trimming cat or dog hair, take off their excess hair. Our experts at MyFurries recommend you do this very cautiously without harming your pets, especially around their eyes, ears, mouth, and sensitive parts. 


Giving your pet cats and dogs a bath too often is not advisable as it can cause loss of essential oils in their skin. Bathe your pet cats and dogs monthly or bimonthly, as per the vet’s guidance. Avoid rainy or cold days to bathe them as they might catch a cold. 

  • Fill a large bathtub with lukewarm water up to three to four inches.  
  • Wet your pet cat or dog thoroughly.
  • Use specialized shampoo that is free from soap and harsh chemicals.
  • Apply it all over their body. Be careful not to put it inside their eyes, ears, or mouth.
  • Using a hand shower, rinse the water off gently with low water force.
  • If your cat resists this part, use a moist washcloth and wipe off the foam. 
  • Repeat application of shampoo if required.
  • Finally, using a damp cloth, wipe out all the remaining frothy water.
  • Use a clean, dry, and sufficiently large towel to wipe your pet cat and dog.
  • Switch off the fans and close the windows and doors of the room before bringing your pet inside.

Brushing teeth

Buy toothbrushes manufactured for your pet cat and dogs. These have much softer bristles than the ones we use for brushing our teeth. Also, purchase special cat and dog toothpaste. Select the ones which are free from components that are not safe to ingest. Before you start to use the toothbrush, rub your fingers gently against their lips and gums for a few days to habituate your pets with this exercise. 

  • Take a scanty amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush.
  • At an angle of 45 degrees, brush your pet dog or cat’s teeth in small circular motions. 
  • You can brush twice or thrice daily, usually after meals. 

The current situation should not deprive your pet cats and dogs of being groomed. You must be careful and confident while you groom them. At MyFurries, you will get complete guidance from our experts regarding pet grooming.

The prerequisite is to use specialized tools for your pets and to groom them when they are mellow. Also, never force them for any task, as you might be halfway through when they resist the grooming session.

For more such pet health and grooming tips, you can speak with our veterinary experts absolutely FREE! Register Here.

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