Why Feed the strays?

Strays can’t buy, cook or grow their food. They are dependent on humans; for food, shelter & medical help. MyFurries is building a community of compassionate & passionate people who understands that taking care of strays is a social responsibility, and together we can make a difference.

Volunteer for feed the strays program

By volunteering, you become a part of a group that works towards achieving the same objective. You get more support, quicker solutions & more power to continue the journey you chose to benefit society.

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Feedthestrays program

On a mission to serve 40k stray dogs every month

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MyFurries Volunteers get
access to:
  • Cost Effective recipes to prepare food.

  • Free Veterinary consultation for your streeties.

  • Connect with shelters.

  • Knowledge about rules and regulation for feeding strays And role of RWA.

  • Part of the largest community of feeders.

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On a mission to serve 40k stray dogs every month





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