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Why Feed the strays?

Strays can’t buy, cook or grow their food. They are dependent on humans; for food, shelter & medical help. MyFurries is building a community of compassionate & passionate people who understands that taking care of strays is a social responsibility, and together we can make a difference.

Volunteer for feed the strays program

By volunteering, you become a part of a group that works towards achieving the same objective. You get more support, quicker solutions & more power to continue the journey you chose to benefit society.

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Feedthestrays program

On a mission to serve 40k stray dogs every month

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MyFurries Volunteers get
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  • Cost Effective recipes to prepare food.

  • Free Veterinary consultation for your streeties.

  • Connect with shelters.

  • Knowledge about rules and regulation for feeding strays And role of RWA.

  • Part of the largest community of feeders.

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On a mission to serve 40k stray dogs every month





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Frequently Asked Questions on Feed the stray

They can’t buy, cook, or earn their food. Proper nutrition is essential for a disease-free life. These strays are part of our society, and their well-being, directly and indirectly, affects our well-being too.

Dogs get easily dependent on you, so feed only once a day. Always set a feeding time and place; the place should be away from the crowd, residential areas and the main roads. Give strays a balanced meal, including ingredients like haldi and sulfur in very little quantity; this helps treat allergies and skin problems. Do not leave trash behind. Vaccinate, Sterilize and Deworm the strays.

Rice, roti, Dalia, meat, eggs, vegetables, and pulses; try to give them a balanced nutritious diet. Also include ingredients like haldi and sulfur; this helps treat allergies and skin problems.

Avoid feeding raw meat & eggs, grapes & raisins, too much dairy products, cooked bones, sweets, onions and too much garlic, spoiled food, chocolate and caffeine, yeast dough

Feeding strays dogs can have a number of benefits Feeding can help to improve their health, as they will have access to adequate nutrition and be less likely to suffer from starvation or malnutrition. Feeding stray dogs helps to build trust. They feel less fearful and more comfortable around people, which may make it easier to get them adopted or rescued. By feeding them, we can make them friendly. It would then be easier to catch & handle these dogs for sterilization, anti-rabies vaccination, and other medical treatments. Feeding strays helps make a positive impact in the community; this gives a message that we must take care of one another to have a happy and healthy existence.

Animals have a right under law to be treated with compassion, respect, and dignity. Any person having compassion for stray dogs can feed them at their private entrance or driveway of their house or any other place not shared with other residents, but no one can restrict the other from the feeding of dogs until and unless it is causing harm or harassment to them. The High Court said it should be the duty of the resident welfare association (RWA) or Municipal Corporation and all government authorities, including enforcement authorities, like the police, to assist. They must ensure that no hindrance is caused to the caregivers or feeders of the community dogs, and every canine has access to food in the absence of caregivers.

A feeder is like a guardian whose responsibility doesn’t end at just providing a one time meal. It is the duty of the feeder to get the strays properly vaccinated and sterilized, and also to provide medical care as and when needed.

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