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Feeling a bit under the weather or just quick check-up. We got your baby covered here.

MyFurries answer service really helped me fix my 6 month old pet dog discipline issue. Very convenient to use


Super convenient service which lets you post question to genuine highly sought after vets in easy format. Much better than googling internet yourself.


I wasn't sure if I needed to go to vet for my dog's minor limp but MyFurries vet response convinced me to seek in person veterinarian care asap



So you finally decided to get a puppy. A hearty congratulation is in order but, taking care of a pup is no joke, and it does involve a lot of effort from your side. But it’s not as scary as it sounds, don’t worry. If you’re not sure about the preparedness, our pup-care team..........

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When it comes to raising kittens, philosophy is almost similar to raising children. If you provide proper care and training to kittens at a young age, it increases the odds that they will grow up to be healthy, well behaved, loving adults. So, if you recently adopted a kitten..........

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Taking care of exceptionally young pups is very hard but should you chose to be in this situation -caring for almost new born pup ,here are few tips.Before the age of three months, puppies in most breeds are very prone to infections as there is very low-level..........

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The moment you lay eyes on that adorable kitten or puppy your friend or family owns, the temptation to adopt will be very astounding. Take a step back and consider whether bringing an animal into your life is right for you before any adorable faces find their way..........

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