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Pet Boarding Near Me

If all of us had our way, we would like to take our critters everywhere with us. However, it’s not always possible, and the chances are that we will have to leave them behind. Deciding to board your pet for the first time can be overwhelming — but it doesn’t have to be. Dog Boarding/ Dog daycare is a service that allows owners to drop their dogs/pets off for a certain period by paying a fee. In the boarding facility, your pets are fed, walked, and cared for by the staff, who ensure that they remain healthy and happy.

Pet Boarding & Dog Daycare



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Frequently Asked Questions on Pet Boarding

Leave written instructions with a detailed schedule of what your dog can eat. Leave his favorite treats and food with the staff. Request that they stick to his original eating schedule as much as possible. Check on the pupper /kitten regularly

Pet kennels house pets for a specific and short period. Pet kennels are safe locations for pets who need to spend a short time in a confined space. They are not healthy environments for pets to spend more than a few hours at a time. Pet boarding facilities house pets for a specific period, but the difference is that they house pets in a way that makes the pet feel happy, comfortable and well-cared

The cost of boarding depends upon the services provided by the Boarding service provider. The cost can vary from Rs 500 a day to Rs 2000 a day. Services that can be included are, Stay ( Day or entire 24 hours ), Food, separate room for your pet, A/c, non Ac rooms, home-cooked food or commercial food, giving medications, etc. Swimming pool, access to the dog park or open area to name a few.

MyFurries Vets always suggest that one should always leave their pets with familiar people and surroundings. However we also know it's not always possible. So one should be very careful in choosing a boarding facility for one's pet. We suggest that one should familiarise the pet with the facility before dropping off the pet for an extended stay. It reduces the impact and shock of feeling abandoned if left suddenly at an unfamiliar place and with people. Your pets can get sick or depressed if not properly sensitized. And if the boarding facility does not have trained staff they can get neglected

Pet Sitting is defined as looking after a pet or pets while their owner is away, usually staying in the owner's house. It can be for a day or a couple of hours in a day. At a Pet Boarding, one usually leaves one pet behind at a facility that houses pets away from home. It can be for a night or an extended duration, like 3 to 10 days. Pet boarding offers various services like stay, food, training exercise.

Expert veterinarians say that the duration of stay at a boarding facility varies from dog to dog. It can range from two weeks to four weeks. Dogs who have separation anxiety tend to be very uncomfortable compared to well-adjusted and balanced dogs. Dogs are used to routines, and anything that breaks their routine is a cause of stress.

Experts suggest that boarding a dog for an extended amount of time at a new facility isn’t wise. It can be overwhelming for dogs. Before leaving their dog there, all dog owners should do a test run (or two!) at a boarding facility. This allows your dog to get used to a new place and reminds her that you will return. It will also help you gauge your dog’s reaction to the facility. “If they are enthusiastic when returning, it means they felt comfortable with the surroundings

Do some due diligence about the facility before finalizing a boarding facility for your dog. Refer to questions suggested by Dr . Vinay Chhabra as a checklist Individual kennels or sharing? How does the place smell? How are the floors, tiles cemented, marble to prevent dogs from slipping How much outdoor space? Is there enough space to exercise the dogs? Is there environmental enrichment? How are the beds? Is the staff trained in pet first aid? Do they have an in house veterinarian : Do they have a local veterinarian who provides emergency care? How do staff interact with dogs? What happens if dogs get into a fight? Are staff onsite 24 hours a day? What types of temperature and noise control are provided?