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Vaccination & Sterilization

Why vaccinate the strays?

The living conditions of these strays are not good. They eat from garbage and also spend most of their time there. These strays don’t know how to separate themselves from an infected dog. Hence, they catch diseases quickly. Some of these diseases are highly contagious & deadly, even for humans, like Rabies. As per W.H.O, India has around 20,000 rabies deaths a year because of Rabies. Vaccination is a proactive approach to prevent the spread of such fatal diseases.

What are some important vaccinations for stray dogs?

Two important vaccine for your stray dogs:

Watch this video to learn more about Rabies and Anti-rabies shot
Watch Here

Why Sterilize the stray?

The most important reason is to control the population. Other reasons and benefits are:

Important points to keep in mind while carrying out sterilization of the strays

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Frequently Asked Questions on Vaccination & Sterilization

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