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Dog & Cat Groomers Near Me

Many people have a misconception that getting their pets groomed is something that's not necessary. However, it's necessary to groom your pets and make sure that they are clean and healthy. You can eliminate mats, ticks, fleas, shedding, and skin infection with proper grooming and stop other severe health conditions. Checking your pet's eyes, teeth, and ears regularly can help you avoid visits to the vet and bring down medical bills. Many cats and dog breeds are susceptible to illnesses that can be caught early simply by paying attention to your pet and thoroughly checking the animal's entire body during daily grooming sessions.


Regular grooming ensures a happy, healthy,
and longer life for your pets.

Pet (Dog/Cat) Grooming & Styling

Pet Heaven Store Grooming & Clinic

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F 14/58, Ground Floor, Model Town 2, Delhi - 110009, Near Raymond Showroom


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Frequently Asked Questions on Pet grooming

If you want your dog's coat /cat's coat to always be silky, shiny, clean, and fresh, here is a secret: it does not
happen on its own. One needs to either groom at home or take him to a professional groomer.

At least 10- 12 weeks before you bathe him. Its an excellent idea to sensitize the puppy with bath accessories and water before they get a full-fledged bath

A dog grooming schedule depends on the type of dog, their skin, and their coat. Long hair or medium hair coat needs grooming more often, at least one in two weeks, than short-haired ones. It also depends upon the season of the year.

Grooming your dogs /cats that you need to brush your dog /cat regularly, give them a bath , clean their ears , clip their nails , Trim their hair

Grooming your pets provides many health benefits for them, which may not be obvious. Brushing your dog ventilates their coat, helping it grow healthy and strong and taking away old and damaged hair. Grooming also ensures that your dog’s skin can breathe and keeps down the level of grease in their coat. You can feel the lumps and bumps if any while brushing. Cleaning ears ensures that your pet does not have ear infections or mites. Trimming nails protect your dog furniture.

MyFurries expert vet recommends that one spend time grooming your pet yourselves as it helps build a bond with your pet and keeps you updated with their physical condition. Depending on the services one takes, it can start with Rs.300/- and go up to Rs.5000/-.

A professional grooming session typically consists of the dog being brushed, bathed, dried, trimmed, or clipped with clean, sanitized brushes and clipper blades. They clean the dog's ears and check for signs of infection. The dog's hair can be trimmed or styled in a particular way if requested. The nails are trimmed and checked for any ingrowth etc

Pet grooming can be a pretty enjoyable activity with your pet; one needs to make her comfortable for the process; it should not be a punishment. It takes time; however, the benefits are far more than the efforts.

A typical session lasts for about an hour. It can take more if a pet parent takes multiple services like ear cleaning, nail clipping, etc.

A dog stylist typically takes care of dogs' hair. They are more relevant for dogs who have long and heavy fur. They shave and cut dogs' hair in various styles and patterns to give them a well-groomed look.

It is especially true for cats with long hair or fur-like Persian cats. Cats' fur can get tangled and matted if not taken proper care. Since cats tend to groom themselves by licking, ungroomed cats can result in hairballs in their stomach. Domestic cats also need trimming for their claws so that they dint accidentally scratch anyone at home

Grooming your cat regularly protects your cats from ticks and parasites (easier to find when their coat is short), Unnoticed lumps, Irritation to the skin and paws. detangles the matted fur keeps hair shedding in check

Grooming your cat by a professional groomer can cost between Rs 500 to 2000/- Professional cat groomers offer a range of services like bathing, drying, trimming the hair, nail trimming, etc

It is advised that pet parent should groom their cats once a month themselves. This way you’re in a better position to notice any physical changes including lumps, bumps, or parasites such as fleas. Gently comb and brush their coat in the direction of hair growth until tangle-free. Various types of combs and brushes are available for different coats and degrees of matting For more details https://www.myfurries.com/blog/pet-health/how-to-take-care-of-cat-hair

Grooming needs are usually more significant for long-haired and medium-haired cats and increase during the shedding seasons when cats shed more hair—grooming long-haired and medium-haired cats daily, while short-haired cats require grooming about once a week.